This Is Not Your Typical Mom Blog

Em is an ex-cop turned stay-at-home mom.   I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom who almost became a forensic scientist.  We were never really domestic types, but we’re trying our best.  Em and I have known each other since the last day of kindergarten and have been best friends since then.

The name of our blog comes from the book Delivered from Distraction by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey.  This is THE book to read if you’ve been diagnosed with, or think you have, ADD – either predominately inattentive or hyper-impulsive type.  In attempting to explain ADD to those who don’t understand its complexity, the authors describe ADD as ” …a mélange of often contradictory tendencies and traits that swirl around within you, stirring up different parts of your life at different times as it makes its inconsistent rounds.”

Em and I both have ADD. Em has the hyperactive variety, and I have the predominately inattentive type, meaning I have all the focus and disorganization issues, as well as other ADD traits, without the hyperactivity that is usually associated with the disorder.  We function well enough but have always had some difficulties socially, especially me.  See that picture above?  I don’t know about Em, but that’s what I think other moms see when they meet me.

With this blog, we hope to reach other moms that feel isolated – like they just don’t fit into the normal mom world.  Normal moms are welcome, too.

Em and I enjoy many varied interests as we hop from one unfinished project to another and one crazy idea to another.  This will be blatantly apparent in our blog.  If you look at the tabs above, you’ll find that we’ll be covering a variety of topics from homeschooling to recipes.  We hope that you’ll stick around, finding our blog informative, if not entertaining, as we stumble (sometimes literally – we’re both rather clumsy) through momhood and our domestic duties.

4 thoughts on “This Is Not Your Typical Mom Blog”

  1. Looking forward to reading your blogs. I am sort of normal on the outside, but not normal or as sociable as some may think because on the inside is a constant flooding of music most of the time.

    OK, blog away!

    1. While we enjoy your comments tremendously we are having a conversation about how to respond, what to say, and being afraid of clicking know the computer may explode!

      MJ started with “Welcome”..and that’s it. LOL!! This stressed us out for about 10 minutes.

      Please bear with us, we enjoy all comments!


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