I HATE Video Games

I am not a gaming mom. Yes, I want to play video games. I don’t play them because I am HORRIBLE AT THEM! I can’t walk without getting stuck into corners let alone build an entire city. Since I’m no good at it, I refuse to do it. THERE, that will show those stupid games who’s boss. So, I don’t hate them for any moral purpose, just my own bruised ego.

Actually I’m more afraid that I will like them and never leave my room again. Because I would totally do that. I would LIVE Oblivion. I watch my daughter play, and she constantly tells me to be quiet, as I’m doing the “armchair video game player” thing. Sometimes I am helpful, she asks me about things I have experience with such as what weapon is best for close combat. I am living vicariously through her. I am secretly jealous of all gamers, especially other gaming moms. You guys even have a special language. I am not part of that, but that’s ok, I LIVE FOR REAL ADVENTURE..HA! Just kidding.

I love how video games helped my daughter’s eye hand coordination. I love that she gets to “check out” for a bit and live in another world. She doesn’t and wouldn’t sit on the game forever so I am lucky that I’ve never had to tell her to stop, or she has played too long, no I’m not lying. One of my guilty thoughts is that when she is playing her game, I know right where she is. She is safe, and right next to me. Yeah, I know, she should be smelling flowers and frolicking outside with nature, but here in Seattle, unless you want to get wet or have a small case of frost bite, the outside thing just isn’t possible here for months out of the year. Also, our neighborhood isn’t as safe as it used to be. You all know about the Pacific Northwest and serial killers..they’re ALL HERE, or made a stop here. So unless she’s behind my 6 foot locked chain link fence, she’s not running around outside. She’s 14 going on 20, she isn’t riding her bike or catching bugs anymore. If she wants to commune with nature I’ll take her down to the beach or on a hike.

To all of you mom gamers, I am in awe of your ability to play the game and I am secretly jealous. To everyone else, I think they are all horrible and I would not admit that it’s my own dang fault. Practice makes perfect. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried, I end up breaking things..small things, don’t panic.

Play on to all who have the power.


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