Having A Bad Mom Day

Note:  This happened yesterday.

I was going to write my movie post, but now I’m going to talk about what a horrible parent I am. First a bit of background about my ONLY child.

My 14 year old daughter is one smart cookie. That kid is so sharp, even when I’m trying to make a point with her she shoots me down with a funny comment and we both start laughing. She really should do stand up.

I was asking her to clean up her mess last night, “Pick this up, put that away..blah, blah” and then I said ” Well, you need to do this because you will have to do it one day.” She said, “Isn’t ONE day enough?” I couldn’t stop laughing and thought about how doomed I am now.

Then, this morning I get a text from her about horticulture class. She said ” I have an assignment with over 50 questions dude. Who does this hippie think I am, part of the fantastic four? I can only work so fast in 50 minutes.” I wanted to tell her not to text me from class, but I couldn’t stop laughing, because her teacher is so cool, but also your stereotypical- long hair- skirt wearing- socks with sandals- hippie- horticulture woman. So, she is actually PERFECT.

Last year she was having a hard time in math. I just thought she was like me and didn’t do well with numbers. Then, one day she comes home from school, LAST YEAR, (keep that in mind) and told me about something that happened in class. She said, “Mom, I got my handout in math, looked at it, and when I turned to ask the kid sitting next to me if he saw all of the rainbows on the page I knew something was wrong, am I CRAZY?” I thought she was for a minute. I said “What do you mean rainbows?” She said, “When I look at numbers I SEE COLORS! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!” I told her to take a deep breath and did what any good parent would do..I Googled it!

It’s called Synesthesia. When she sees numbers, she actually sees colors. Some people see colors in their minds when they hear music. It’s the same thing, but in a different form. It is actually quite an extraordinary gift, but causes some issues in math..this is where I get to the I’m a horrible parent part. I FORGOT to tell her current math teacher about this. IT IS NOVEMBER and her FIRST year in HIGH SCHOOL! OMG..it gets worse.

The only reason I even remembered was because MJ JUST asked me how she was doing in math and “Does her teacher know about her learning disability in math?” I just hung my head. MJ made me laugh REALLY hard, making fun of me because HALF of the school year is over and now I have to call her teacher and say “Oh, yeah, by the way, my kid sees rainbows…no I’m not a loon, she has Synesthesia.” Like she’s going to know what that is. Thank the Gods that her teacher is actually a down to earth, wonderful woman. I should just thank MJ for being so observant and remembering something so important about my own child that I TOTALLY blanked out. That’s one of the many reasons MJ is my best friend. Without her I would probably forget to breathe on a daily basis. I’m being hard on myself but I really feel that way right now.

I just sent her teacher an e-mail and called her also. I don’t know what she is going to say. I feel like I’m going to get in trouble. Who FORGETS their kid has a learning disability?? Me I guess.

So, now I am officially a horrible person and mom and I am now dumber for this. I probably could have made not only my daughter’s life easier, but also her teacher’s who is trying to help her after school THREE TIMES A WEEK!

Thank you. I hope I am not alone, and yet I hope I am.


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