Bugs. Endlessly Entertaining.

Bugs. My endless source of entertainment. It all started in Council, Idaho when my Grandma handed me a magnifying glass and showed me how to fry ants..yeaahh. I fried ants. It’s ok though, I was 5 years old and when I realized that I was doing something horrible I stopped. So, no, I’m not a sociopath, or anything like that. Yes, I said Council. If you know where that is, and the population, then you know exactly why I was frying ants. I can’t believe I didn’t set the state of Idaho on fire during that summer.

I love spiders. I don’t want to hold them or keep them as pets or anything, I just like to look at them and then try to identify them before I either let them go or kill them, depending on the species. My spider fascination grew ten fold when I visited MJ a couple of years ago and found a bunch of black widow spiders in her garden. I literally armed myself with a can of Raid and a stick. Pretty soon I had a full on utility belt, glass jar and all. I literally took out at least 25 females from the garden area, all of the areas that we are active in, and the widows were HUGE!! We would keep them in jars on the back porch and check them daily. We would take a quarter and take pictures to show how big some of them were.

I just remembered we also found what we thought was a really cool toad. We took the toad and put it in the back garden thinking it would find a great home and how fairy-like it would be. At the airport on the way home I bought a book about venomous animals of AZ. Well, the toad was a Sonoran Desert toad. Highly poisonous and will kill your dogs if they get a hold of it. I called MJ in a panic to tell her to get that thing out of the yard, and make sure she uses gloves while she’s at it and we are lucky we lived! She had three dogs at the time and one was bound to catch the toad. Not to mention we were just lucky we didn’t get poisoned while playing with the darn thing. She had to dig it out of her huge compost pile that it made its home in..lesson learned!

One day, while searching for widows and scorpions, a man approached me from the house next door. He saw the can of Raid in my hand and asked me if I would kill a huge spider they found in their closet. I sized him up as the house was empty. I asked him what he was doing there, he told me they were getting the house ready for someone to move in. I thought about it..stood there, then said “OK, but if you try anything I will kill you with my Raid and this stick.” He laughed and said “I’m sure you would, but we are more afraid of this spider right now.” So, I enter the house and three grown men point to the room the spider is in and refuse to go any further. They said they had it in the closet, and just yell when I get it. I’m thinking “buncha’ chicken’s”. I open the closet door and there is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my entire life!! It was a big tan hairy wolf spider! I got it in the jar, I actually didn’t want to kill it right away, told them I “cleared” the room and walked out with the spider in the jar. One guy actually jumped and screamed like Flanders from The Simpson’s. It was great.

We don’t have big anything out here in Seattle let alone GIANT wolf spiders.

I love praying mantises and dragonflies. I love butterflies and lynx spiders. I just love to watch them. But the few that can hurt me, like wasps and brown spiders, those are gonna die. Sorry PETA, not down with getting bit by something that can make my skin turn black and fall off.

I found this wind scorpion under a rock..freaked me out, covered it back up and let it be..some things should be left to nature…others, not so much.

Comments? Questions? Personal Story?

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