Fancy Schmancy Chocolate Fondue

I don’t do fancy.  I rarely do serving dishes.  And I refuse to dress up now.  Even for family pictures.  I have sensory issues – shirt sleeves can’t touch my armpits, if something is too tight or just feels weird I freak out, etc.  When I used to submit to the pressures of dressing up, I would end up in tears and more than completely miserable.  It may seem childish, but those of you with sensory issues get what I’m talking about.  It’s not voluntary and I hate feeling that way.  I would love to be able to just stick anything on and not have a reaction to it.

For our “Christmas” photos this year, I showed up in jeans and a tank top.  Everyone else was in fancy dresses and fancy pants.  At my age, I just don’t care anymore.  There are more important things in life to worry about.  Not that I look like a slob mind you.  At least I don’t think I do.  I don’t know.  You’ll have to ask my sister.  She always looks put together and beautiful with no effort.  I’m pretty sure it bothers my mom still that I refuse to dress up for pictures.

Anyway, this post is about the chocolate fondue that I whipped up (literally) for my daughter the other day.  She was complaining and whining that there was nothing to eat in the house while she was staring at an open fridge full of food.  After suggesting a crapload of different things for her to eat, I asked her if I cut up some apples and made some chocolate fondue, would she eat it.  She pondered it for a minute or two and then said, “Yes.”


Kirkland (Costco brand) semi-sweet chocolate chips
Trader Joe’s Organic Whole Milk
Land O Lakes whipped heavy cream in a can

Yeah, that’s right.  Whipped cream.  In a can.

First, I tossed a couple of handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips into a small saucepan and then turned the heat to low.

As it started to melt, I poured a bit of milk into the pan and stirred constantly.

Then I thought, “Huh.  Whipped cream sounds good.”  So I sprayed a bunch of whipped cream into the pan and stirred it in.  I kept stirring until all the chocolate was melted and all ingredients were incorporated.

I cut up some apples and my daughter was in heaven.

My son wandered out of his room a few minutes later and said, “What the heck?  Why didn’t anybody tell me there was chocolate goodness being made?!”

So I whipped up some more.


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