Blog Wars I’ve gone and done it.  I pissed MJ off.  Throughout our 33 years of friendship I can count on one hand, actually probably three fingers of how many times I have actually made her angry, that I’m aware of.

You see, one of our friends has started her own blog.  I was talking to her on the phone, trying to find her blog and when I found it I saw MOVING PICTURES..I was joking with her that it made our blog look like crap.

Well, of course I don’t think our blog looks like crap..and then I go and post my comment and MJ read it and it made her really angry.  She said she wasn’t angry, just hurt.  But I know her better than almost anyone and I know her first thought was “WTF? Here I am POSTING EVERYTHING and Em isn’t doing SH#*, and omg, SHE DID NOT just say that!”

(That’s funny.  That’s exactly what my first thought was.  MJ)

Yeah, she’s pissed.  And I’m not writing this to make her feel better, although if I could I would kiss her feet right now.  I am still in awe of our blog and I have no idea how she did it so fast and so well.  Why would I know?  I’m freaking out just trying to copy and paste pictures in an EMAIL!  She has the baby and her two teenagers she home schools and here I am with my kid at public school, two cats and a dog to keep me company..just sitting here twiddling my thumbs trying like hell to figure out how to ACTUALLY be productive.

Now, I could be doing laundry, but I ran out of soap.  I cleaned the kitchen last night and the dinner I made last night is enough for tonight..soooo vacuuming is high on my list right now, but no..I must redeem myself, which at this point is probably not going to happen until I post something.  ANYTHING!  I tried and it didn’t work.  Now I will be Googling how to post stuff on a blog.

So I must remember this is a journey..and I journeyed myself right off of a cliff.

I’ve realized how stressful this can be.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that the blog is also on Facebook, and I’m not really sure how to post things myself, let alone if my content is appropriate or accurate.  So, I send my posts to MJ and then she posts them.  I don’t think I have enough confidence in myself to just post it without MJ’s approval.  Actually I think this is more stressful for HER and this is supposed to be FUN!

FUN?  It is NOT fun to piss off your “other half” that is not your husband.  I can’t stand the fact that my comment made her angry AND hurt her, even though I was totally joking.  It really doesn’t matter.  Words are like feathers, once they’re out, you can’t put them back.

So, now I just figured out I have a twitter account..didn’t know I had that, and a Pinterest account I was unaware of, and MJ let me know I could go ahead and post until I was blue in the face..although I don’t have a few passwords, I’m gathering a ton of stuff to post.

Most of the things I found funny contain a lot of cuss I’m not sure if that will fly.  I was probably drawn to them out of my own terror of making MJ do NOT want to see that people!  Really..scary stuff..don’t worry the kids are safe.

(I don’t mind cuss words.  My mouth is atrocious while I’m driving.  You know this, Em.  🙂  MJ)

I guess what it boils down to is knowing who you are and trusting that you can and will make the right decisions when it comes down to it.  Like thinking before you speak..or before you type something.  I think we have all been there, either way it sucks.

I have also encountered a few comments that I am not sure how to take.  I guess that comes with the territory too.

So, NO our blog doesn’t look like crap!  It’s RAD!  WHY?  Because MJ made it that way!  Just so you know, she has been the editor/poster and blogmaster this entire time.  I sit here and write, send it to her and wait for approval..what am I 10??  Maybe, in my head..

(Dude, you so don’t need my approval!  MJ)

Here’s to the journey, I will now be pulling myself up that cliff, never to go over again…I hope.


(P.S.  Because of my horrible self-esteem, I do think our blog looks like crap.  Just doing my best.  Sorry, Em!  MJ)

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