How I Got My Toddler To Eat Kale

IMG_2390Kale tastes gross.  I’m sorry but it does.  Its nutritional value is spectacular, but I can’t stand the taste.  Granted I have not experimented with a bunch of recipes, and I really should.

I kept reading about kale chips.  Everyone’s making kale chips:  It’s so easy!  So good!  So nutritious!

So I thought, “What the hell.  Looks easy enough.”  And I was looking for a healthier replacement snack food anyway.  I followed a simple recipe and threw them in the oven.  One “chip” and I was convinced there couldn’t possibly be a recipe on this earth that would ever mask that horrible taste.

I shoved the rest of the batch in a ziploc bag and prayed my husband would eat the rest.

A couple of hours later, my oldest daughter wandered into the kitchen and asked how they turned out.  I smiled and replied, “Why don’t you try one?”

I opened the bag and Wow.  I actually looked around the bag thinking one of my cats had peed on the counter.  My daughter saw my reaction and shook her head, “Yeah, that’s okay.  I’m not hungry.”

My husband ended up not liking them either, so the bag ended up in the trash.  But he really wanted to incorporate kale into our diet.  Now he throws some into his protein shakes, and the shakes actually taste pretty good.

This gave me an idea last week.  Our toddler has the most Primal diet out of all of us.  We SHOULD be eating like she does.  Because of her allergies, her diet is mainly composed of chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, zucchini, spinach, bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, whole milk yogurt and cheese, and rice.  She drinks water.  The worst thing she eats is whipped cream.

Because her diet is so limited, I try to pick foods that are the most nutrient packed.  Thus the reason I want her to eat kale.

So this idea I had last week…  With my handy dandy (No, not notebook – I forever have Blue’s Clues tattooed in my brain since 1995.) Cuisinart SmartStick, I blended together:

1 organic banana
1 organic D’Anjou pear
½ organic Gala apple (Only half, because that’s what I had left of an apple she was eating.)
Handful of organic blueberries
About 5 pieces of organic kale (It comes in a bag, so the leaves are torn into bite sized pieces.)
¼ cup organic whole milk plain yogurt (Trader Joe’s brand)

She loved it.  I even tried a bite, and it was good.  Thank the heavens for sweet, delicious fruits to mask the flavor of bitter, disgusting kale!

If I find another recipe to mask that crap-kale taste, I will definitely let you know.  I would love to receive some suggestions.


6 thoughts on “How I Got My Toddler To Eat Kale”

  1. I make a turkey sausage soup in the fall and what gives it just the right taste is fresh Kale, it makes the soup! Actually almost any soup and Kale adds to it. If you make soup, give it a try next time you make it.

    1. I will definitely try that. 🙂 There are quite a few soups and stews that I make during the fall and winter that I can try to add kale to. Thanks!

  2. I actually like Kale chips on occasion but I do admit that sometimes that have quite the aftertaste. Rachel Ray has an excellent recipe for kale and sausage in pasta that’s super taste. I’m not sure what your family likes to normally eat but you may want to give that a try.

  3. My wife got me hooked on Kale chips. I do not have a natural affinity to Kale. So when she made them, I ate them up like a vacuum. She used olive oil and sea salt. Into the oven it went and we were munching them like crazy.

    1. I know. I need to give them another try. Although, I think my teens have already decided they are gross and there is no recipe on earth to make them edible.

      I, however, am willing to give another recipe a try. I’ll post that recipe when (and if ever) I find it. 🙂 Maybe it’s just one of those foods that doesn’t agree with my palate.

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