My Biggest Beauty Secret I was thinking about beauty.  My secret is coconut oil, and BB cream.  OK there are two, that’s why it’s secret.

It dawned on me that I have not been taking the time for myself that I used to.  I used to take long showers, lather myself in scented lotion, dry my long hair and put on all kinds of make-up.  Well, those days are over..until now.

I love coconut oil.  I eat it, put it on my face, put it in my hair and now I want to make some scented coconut oil as I have been using the unscented first pressed oil for everything.

The first thing I noticed when I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer is that the fine lines around my eyes were not as noticeable.  My daughter actually said “Mom, are your wrinkles disappearing?”, after I let her out of the closet I said “Why yes honey, they are!”

I didn’t even KNOW I had wrinkles, or fine lines until I had Lasik eye surgery a few years ago.  I was legally blind prior to that, and even with my glasses I couldn’t see the lines..or anything really.  As far as I was concerned I looked perfect!  Of course I cried at having the gift of sight given back to me, but I cried harder when I went home and looked in the mirror!  I am 37 and I have always looked young for my age, but I was not prepared to see those lines around my eyes..not one bit.  I tried everything short of surgery, not because they are bad, but because they were a surprise..aren’t surprises supposed to be good?  MJ wouldn’t know what I’m talking about..I’m still searching her face for ONE tiny line.  She’s so naturally beautiful it would make you want to slap her..not too hard..or just hug her SO TIGHT!

OK, back on topic.  I have been using the coconut oil now for about a year.  I use it to moisturize and as a make-up remover.  I don’t wear much make-up but mascara is a pain and the coconut oil makes it glide right off.  Don’t worry about it being too oily either, it soaks right in.  It isn’t like other “oils”.

Coconut oil is also anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral and anti anything!  So what could be better?  I use it on small wounds, like scrapes or small cuts and on my lips if I don’t have any lip gloss lying around..which would mean the end of the world is actually here because I have 12 tubes in my purse as we speak.  I also use it to condition my hair, just the ends, at night, then I wash it out in the morning.  I am going to the store today to get apple cider vinegar because MJ uses that for conditioner and her hair is GORGEOUS!  Long flowing waves of black soft gorgeousness.  Really.  My “waves” used to be curls, but now my hair is almost to my waist so the curls are  just waves.  I’m blonde, a dirty blonde, so I have to foil my roots every 2 mos.  My sister is a hair dresser and is a wizard with  color, so I am indeed blessed.  When worst comes to worst, at least I have my hair.

I have found that powder is my worst enemy and gel blush looks amazing, on anyone!  I love BB cream and will forever promote it to anyone within earshot.  Seriously, three of my neighbors use it now.  BB cream is a light weight moisturizer with a hint of color that also helps correct discolorations over time and the really good ones feel like magic, which means you can’t feel them at all!  Right now I’m using L’Oreal Youth Code BB cream in light, and Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in “Flushed”.  Pay attention because L’Oreal has two BB creams, if you have fine lines or “aging” skin make sure you get the Youth Code one, not the smaller tube.  The cheek gel is amazing.  It will scare you at first because it looks like blood.  Which makes sense if you think about it.   When we blush blood is rising to the surface of our skin.  You only need a dab, work fast and BAM, natural “I am soooo excited, hands waving, jumping up and down” pure blushiness.  You can use it on your lips for an all day stain also.  I apply some mascara and I’m done!  I have never had so many complements on how beautiful I LOOK, NOT how great my make-up is.  You want them to notice YOU not your make-up!

The BB creams come in most tints, if you are very fair you may want to check out the BB creams from Asia, Korea specifically.  The gel blush comes in lighter or warmer tones also.

I hope this helps anyone who, like me, feels like they forgot how to put make-up on.  We didn’t forget, we just need products that work for our skin.

Also, remember to be brave and don’t forget about the “me” time we so desperately need and yet continue to forget to take.

Love yourself!  Be kind to yourself.  Believe me, the world, and my husband are happier now that I am taking some time to find myself again, laugh lines and all.


One thought on “My Biggest Beauty Secret”

  1. what’s BB cream????????? I saw it the other day online – there was a whole category for it and I have no idea what it is!!!!! Help! Cause I probably need it!!!

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