“Like” For A Letter

435288-072 (2)This is the conversation I had with my daughter last night:

A:  So what’s new with you?

(I think for a minute and look around.  Looking for something “new.”)

Me:  Nothing.  What’s new with you?

A:  Nothing.

Me:  Oh.  Why did you write that stuff on V’s wall on Facebook?

(I’m friends with my daughter on Facebook.)

A:  Because she liked for a letter.

Me:  What letter?

A:  A letter on Facebook.

Me:  What?  What letter?  I don’t understand.  What’s the “like for a letter?”

A:  It’s what teens are doing on Facebook.  You have to like for a letter.

Me:  Huh?  I don’t get it.  What letter?

(I’m thinking WTF?  What is this alphabet nonsense?)

A:  It’s like, you have to like… “like” it.

(At this point, I’m so confused all I can do is just stare blankly.  My brain is processing nothing.)

A: Ugh.  Give me your Kindle!

Me:  Wait.  Don’t write anything dumb on my wall.

(My daughter rolls her eyes and then logs into her Facebook page on my Kindle Fire.)

A:  If someone like “likes” your post, then you like write a letter.

Me:  A letter?  Just show me how you would do it if you were going to do it.

A:  You type in “‘Like’ for a letter” or “‘Like’ for a post” on your wall and then if they “like” it, you write something on their wall.  Like this.

Me:  OHHHHH.  I get it.

(I guess I get it.)

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