Millie’s Secret

Millie's Secret by Gyo Fujikawa

Millie has a secret, and she’s such a tease.  No, this isn’t a Victoria’s Secret knock-off.  This is a book from my childhood that my toddler stole from my bookshelf.  I’ll forgive her for not asking first as she’s still learning the language.

 Millie's Secret by Gyo Fujikawa

Throughout the book, all of Millie’s friends continually ask her what her secret is and when she’ll tell it.

Millie's Secret by Gyo Fujikawa

Seriously?  That’s just wrong, Millie.

Millie's Secret by Gyo Fujikawa

For DAYS, Millie does this.  When I was a kid, we would have just thought Millie was full of it and wondered why we were friends with her.  Was she not getting enough attention at home?

Millie's Secret by Gyo Fujikawa

Finally!  At last, we find out what Millie’s big secret is on the last page, and we come to understand why she waited so long to tell it.  Although, she could have given us some hints.

I LOVED this book as a kid.  I wanted Millie’s backyard.  I still want Millie’s backyard.

My toddler is always handing me this book to read to her.  The pictures are vibrant and beautiful, and the story is cute and engaging.

I love Fujikawa’s books and am starting a library of them for my toddler, so she doesn’t wear out my books.  Fujikawa’s books are being reprinted a few at a time every year – check them out on Amazon.  This particular book, however, has not been reprinted yet.  Still waiting.

2 thoughts on “Millie’s Secret”

    1. Hi, Nicole! Thanks for visiting!

      The copy in my post I’ve had since I was little.

      I’ve seen it on Amazon, though, the copies are a bit expensive. I’m sure you could look on some other book sites to look for used copies. 🙂

      I am still hoping that they do a re-release!

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