I Am A Bunny

I Am A Bunny by Ole RisomI had always associated Richard Scarry with Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat.  I had no idea he’d written or illustrated other books until I started broadening my research into board books for my toddler.

Scarry illustrated I Am A Bunny, but the book is written by Ole Risom.  This book has to be one of my favorites among all of my toddler’s books so far.

The story tells of a bunny named Nicholas and what he likes to do throughout all the seasons.

I love that the story is simple for toddlers, but it gives parents an opening to introduce seasons and types of weather.

I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom

It’s tall for a board book, measuring 5 inches by 9.5 inches.

I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom

Great page for counting birds and naming – clouds, bunny, birds, strawberry, grass, etc.

I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom

On this page, I practice with my toddler counting pinecones and naming articles of clothing, as well as naming snow.  She likes to point out the trees and the bunny.

By the end of the book, Nicholas is curled up asleep in the hollow of a tree, dreaming about spring.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Scarry, and Risom gives a cute and educational narrative.  I started reading this book to my toddler when she was about 4 months old.  The pictures are vibrant enough to catch a baby’s interest.

I Am A Bunny can be found on Amazon in board book and Kindle formats.

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