Baby-Step Mini Resolutions

I got tired of looking for an appropriate picture for this post.
I got tired of looking for an appropriate picture for this post.

I love this post by The Happiest Mom: 13 small steps to becoming a happier mom in 2013.

Many of the steps listed I try to do once a month but, of course, never get around to doing them.  I get distracted and then forget.  I fool myself (every time) that I can keep lists in my head.  Yeah, right.

I have found that I am more likely to be successful at being productive if I write my lists out on paper.  Yes, I lose them.  All the time.  But this works better than lists in my head.  Why?  Because of some reason, when given the opportunity, I can’t access those lists in my head.

My husband will offer to watch our toddler, so I can “get things done” around the house.  I breathe a sigh of relief, look around the house, and can’t think of a single thing I had wanted to get done.

If I am able to find one of those lists I wrote out, I am able to get some stuff done.

Maybe going through these “mini resolutions” will help me this month since I will be writing them out in a post.

1.  “Get enough sleep”

Not going to happen.  Next.

2.  “Unpack”

Uh.  Three years ago, we moved from a 2-story medium sized house to a 1-story tiny house.  Most of our possessions are still in boxes because there is absolutely nowhere for our stuff to go.

Maybe I will start to go through one box a month and get rid of stuff since apparently I haven’t needed those things in three years.

3.  “Throw away empty bottles”

Bottles, bottles, bottles.  I’m trying to think where I may have bottles.  I don’t use shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or anything else really that is in a bottle.

Done!  Next.

4.  “Put away last of holiday decorations”

This drives me crazy.  I look at the pile on the counter every day and then get distracted by something else.

I will get this done today!

5.  “Brush up the family calendar”

I depend on others to remind me of when a birthday is coming up.  Next.

6.  “Come up with new dinnertime conversation starters”

We sort of just eat when we’re hungry around here.  This house is so small that the only place to hide is if the kids close their doors to their rooms.  Even then we go in and bug them.

7.  “Try something new… for the kids”

Hmmm.  Okay.  I’ll have to think about this one.

8.  “Look ’em in the eye and listen”

This is one that I try to be conscious of all the time because I know I get distracted easily.  Especially with a rambunctious toddler running around and the 10 million things I see (at that particular moment that I won’t remember later unless I write it down) that need to get done around the house.

9.  “Make some wildly improbable goals”

Start my embroidered faerie doors.  Maybe finish one and get it posted in my Etsy shop.

10.  “Make that phone call you’ve been putting off”

Made this list last week.  I made a few of those calls to set up appointments, then shoved the list in my purse.  I found the list the other day while rummaging through my purse and didn’t remember putting it there.  Got distracted and forgot about the list again until just now.

I’ll try to finish that list today.

11.  “Work better, play more”

I miss playing Left 4 Dead with my teens.  I’m going to try to make time for this and gardening with them again.

12.  “Clean up your desk”

Definitely will try to do this sometime this week.  Our computer desk looks atrocious.

13.  “Drop a few things from your to-do list”

Can’t do this one.  No way.  If it’s not written somewhere, I will forget about it.  Or I’ll remember it when I see it, get distracted, forget about it for the millionth time, and not be able to access it in my brain when I actually have extra time to do something.

Well, this is my list for this month.  Which is already half over.  Crap.

Better late than never, right?

Have you written out a mini resolutions list yet?  Or a to-do-this-month list?

Comments? Questions? Personal Story?

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