What Would Your “Mom Cave” Look Like?

Hackney Shed by Office Sian Architecture + Design
Hackney Shed by Office Sian Architecture + Design

Do you have a “Mom Cave” or even your own office at home? I envy you.

I was reading a post over at The Frugal Greenish Mama titled “Creating a Mom Cave with La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery” and it reminded me of an article I had read on Inhabitat, “Humble Hackney Shed is a Peaceful Office Space in a London Garden.”

This is what I want my Mom Cave to look like with a few additions. It’s missing a gigantic table where I can work on my jewelry.

Personally, I would go for a plush loveseat or couch from Ikea.

I would also want some big picture windows on the side walls for when the open wall was closed during the winter.  In my dream, I’m living in Alaska, so it would be snowing and super cold.  I’d also need a heat source, I guess.  Lots of fluffy comforters and pillows, too.

What would your dream “Mom Cave” or office look like?

2 thoughts on “What Would Your “Mom Cave” Look Like?”

  1. I love that Hackney Shed but my home office looks nothing like that. IMO, a mom-cave is a mythical place of blessed refuge where as my home office contains heaps of fabrics on the floors, pictures & papers strewn about my desk and/or the floor, half-drunk soda cans, and the remnants of my hastily crafted breakfast that day. The one plus is that my dog sleeps under my desk while I work so I always have a foot-warmer 🙂 Tell me when you get your Mom Cave so I can come escape my home office!

    1. Yeah, I guess if I worked at home I’d probably want something separate too.
      Unfortunately, I won’t be building any mom caves until we’re living somewhere more permanent. By that time, you may have to purchase an airline ticket to Alaska. What a nice escape it will be though! 😉

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