My Friend Autumn

One day, at Redondo Beach, I was picking stones for jewelry and I looked over and saw this beautiful woman.  She was smiling, so happy, full of energy and life.

I thought “WOW, I wish I felt like she looks” ..then I looked closer and saw a hint of sadness in her eyes.  We started talking immediately.

Into the sunset we talked about our lives, where we lived, our children, her grandchildren.  I gave her a sea glass pendent I had wrapped.  She in turn gave me this cool marcasite  ring, it has swirls and I’m all about swirly!  Later, when she returned home, we continued talking through email or texting when she was on the road between Kansas and Arizona.

Come to find out, Autumn is a very prominent and wonderful pianist.  She plays like heaven.  I am lucky to have her music on CD.

One day, Autumn emails me she had done something HORRIBLE!  I say “What could be so horrible?”  She said “I gave away your pendent to a friend of mine who is starting a new journey..and I miss it!”  I started laughing, knowing that she got the “giving” bug from me.  I told her not to worry, she did the right thing, and I will make her another pendent.

Well, here I am, still trying to make a pendent I feel is good enough for her!  It’s been FOREVER…I hope she doesn’t think I forgot.  Sea glass is HARD to find.  The colors I want for her are coming slooowly, I am waiting for one more color.

I had made one a while ago, but it just isn’t HER and it doesn’t feel right.

Sometimes we meet people who just bring out the best in us.

Autumn, you are my friend, and I have not and never will forget about you.  Your pendent is in the process.  You gave from your heart, I will do my best to replace it.

This was the sunset the day we met, taken from where we talked and became friends.  A moment that forever changed us both, in the best way possible.


4 thoughts on “My Friend Autumn”

  1. My dear friend Emalie,
    What a beautiful spirit you are. Thank you for describing our meeting and showing the sunset with all its vibrant colors. Such a gift your friendship has been to me and the pendant was so pretty. I still wear the earrings you removed and gave to me on that special day. I will cherish the new pendant and keep it always as a symbol of love and strength we give to each other. We are many miles apart physically, but spiritually very close. I feel in a previous life, we were closely
    related, finally reuniting again on your beach.
    Your friend always, Autumn

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