Sir Reginald

473732-WSo I told my kids that once we move we’d get chickens.  Three to be exact.

We’ve all agreed their names would be Omelet, Scrambles, and Chicken.

Today, however…

My son:  Can I get a rooster?

Me:  Why?

My son:  So I can put a monocle on him and name him Sir Reginald.

(Note: My son is 17-years-old.)

Me:  (laughing) What?

My son:  No, really.  How funny would that be?  I’d put a monocle on him, and he’d be strutting around the yard all fancy-like.  He’d fight it at first, but then he’d go along with it.

Me:  (still laughing) How would you get the monocle to stay?

My son:  Oh, I don’t know.  Glue or something.  Just the monocle.  A top hat would be too much.

Me:  (laughing with tears in my eyes thinking about a rooster wearing a monocle and strutting around our yard)  No.  You cannot have a rooster.

My son:  Aw, c’mon.  Then when I’m calling him I could use a British accent and call him in a fancy way.

Me:  No.

My son:  Please?

Me:  (wiping the tears from my eyes) No.


Note:  Before anyone is appalled and calls us animal abusers, we are animal lovers in this household.  We just have a weird sense of humor.  If you feel offended or don’t like it, then this may not be the blog for you.

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