I Scared a UFO!

Since living in Bonney Lake WA, I have been taking pictures of the sunrise and sunset.  Mt. Rainier is right out my sister’s kitchen window, so this is a great opportunity to take pictures of our beautiful volcano.

Did I say volcano..yep sure did!  I remember when we first moved here from Wyandotte, MI, a suburb of Detroit, my mom told me Mt. Rainier was a volcano.  I was 5, and she COMPLETELY freaked me out.  I kept yelling “WHY ARE WE MOVING HERE?!!”  “IT’S GONNA BLOW UP!!”  My mom told me not to worry, that it was “sleeping”..whatever that didn’t help for a few years.  By the way, it’s NOT SLEEPING, just a bit tired..

So this morning I happened to catch a reflection, but I didn’t see it until I posted it on facebook.

When I made the image larger I laughed because you can see I was shaking.  So I just posted we had visitors, “shaky visitor’s, I scared ’em away!”

Easily amused I guess..whatever works right?



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