Rantings of an Amateur Chef

While I do take the time to take photos during my cooking, I rarely do much to them prior to posting. For those like Carey from accordingtocarey.com who do, I love how it looks. It just adds an extra level of class. I am so glad Carey stopped by to bring some more class but also this great recipe. Check it out and make your way over to  accordingtocarey.com. You won’t be disappointed…

1lemon dill baked ricotta title

Hi everyone!  This is Carey from accordingtocarey.com and I am so happy to be here to share a recipe with you today.  This recipe for Lemon-Dill Baked Ricotta was inspired by the need to nibble on something tasty but easy to throw together on a busy week night.

You see, every few months my girlfriends and I get together for what we call Girls Night.  With our hectic schedules we don’t’ get to spend as…

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    1. lol I haven’t made it yet. It just sounded so good. I’ll probably try to make it this weekend.

      Maybe I can tweak it for a pasta bake?

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