noseYes, I said NOSE HAIRS!  OMG..when did THAT happen to me, and WHY, what did I do??  Please God, take them away.

So, recently I noticed that I have had to pluck, trim or shave my NOSE!  I am only sharing this to help others.

My dad was the one to tell me.  MJ would have told me, but we don’t get to see each other face to face.  So, THANKS SO MUCH to all of my “friends” who didn’t tell me I needed to take care of some serious business.

I am chalking this up to hormones as mine have been a bit whacked out recently, which is whacking ME out also.

The best way to tell is in real light.  Like in your car and put the visor down, open mirror and look at your nose from all angles.  Or stand next to a window with a mirror.

I know that plucking may seem like it hurts, and it does, but I will do anything to avoid a nose hair sticking out of my nose, waving to the world in the wind..especially THE WHITE ONE.  What have I done to deserve this?

I can NOT be the only one.

If you find you do need to trim, make sure you do NOT trim all the way to your skin.  This causes the course hairs to stick you when they grow back and you will end up sneezing uncontrollably like I did for about two days.  So just trim them back to the “normal” length..whatever that is.

That’s my beauty tip for the day..well for my LIFE, but hey, if I can’t be honest and open with all of you then what am I good for?

Take Care, hope you don’t have to do what I do..sigh.


3 thoughts on “BEWARE OF NOSE HAIRS!”

  1. I like your “beauty tip of the day!” Next time I take a drive, I will definitely check into those issues with the car mirror.

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