Nail Biting..It’s Genetic!

I used to bite my nails down to the quick until..oohh, about 5 years ago.  That’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s the truth.  I felt like a loser, and looked like I needed serious medication.  Then I saw a study that was done, and other numerous studies, have determined nail biting is genetic.  I didn’t feel like such a loser after that, but I still needed to STOP.  I know, we can blame anything on genetics.  This one I happily will. 😉

One day, while out shopping a total stranger walked up to me, really nice lady, and said “You are way to pretty and too old to be doing that shii$ to your fingers, knock it off!” and she walked away.  I quit that day.

Now I have long, thick gorgeous nails.  I’m not bragging, I really do!  I paint them all of the time to keep from biting them and people ask me where I get my nails done ..a lot.  I bat my eyelashes and tell them they are “mine” and I paint them.  Some women don’t believe me and go as far as touching my fingers and nails to make sure.  It’s kind of funny but weird now that I wrote it  Now I’m glad it’s just my nails and not another part of my body they ask about!

My daughter started biting her nails when she was about 4.  I had acrylic nails put on her tiny fingers when she was 13.  She is 14 now.  We kept them short and she quit biting her nails for about 6 months. She recently started biting them again.  It makes her feel bad.  So, I am thinking of slapping those back on her nails to help her.  I did it and it helped me, but not as much as my really awesome stranger!

Some people have commented that she is too young for the nails.  We keep them short and it keeps her hands out of her mouth, which is really important for her health.  I need her to stay healthy and happy through my brother-in-laws stem cell transplants (yes he’s getting two) and I think this will help.  She was getting sick so much I could only attribute it to her putting her fingers in her mouth all of  the time.  If she wants to go see her Uncle Mike she needs to be healthy as a horse.  I DO NOT want her biting her nails while we are visiting him in the hospital.  Hospital’s are full of bacteria and just..NO!

I am going to take her today.  Here’s to helping someone break a bad habit..if only that lady were around to talk to Val..she helped me, even if she came off a bit rude.  She was NOT rude, she told the truth.

Where are you my angel who helped me quit biting my nails?  I want to tell you thank you, and now I am helping my daughter.  She doesn’t know will be a surprise.  For $15 bucks I think it’s worth it.  Pretty cheap to build her self esteem and keep her healthy.  We do other things of course, but this is something she can own and she will feel good about her hands.  She has beautiful, capable hands.  She plays the piano, the guitar, the clarinet and sings like a bird.  She needs to FEEL as capable as she is and I will help her.  It’s my job.

It’s easier to build up a child than to fix an adult.Image

How could I not help my precious daughter?  Yelling and beating her hasn’t helped..JUST KIDDING!!  I actually lock her in the closet..KIDDING!  I only added the pic of me pointing to my new teeth because you can see one of my nails.  My daughter and I look so much alike it’s like she is my clone.  MJ can attest to that.  We have pictures of us and Val is like “Who am I standing with?” I have to tell her it’s me and not her!  Then she figures out the girl in the pic is MJ and says “Oh my God, does she EVER AGE?!!”   She seriously said that last week.  We had been teasing MJ that she doesn’t age.  She doesn’t.  She says she does…lies!  I don’t want her to age..MJ is so beautiful.  When I look at her I see so much of my life in her.  Our childhood, our children, our teen years which we spent on the phone, our young adult years we will never tell anyone, and now, our lives as we know them.  Rich with love and friendship.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Thank you for your help..ahead of time!


3 thoughts on “Nail Biting..It’s Genetic!”

  1. I think that’s the best thing to do. I didn’t stop biting my nails until I starting painting them and taking care of them when I was about 12.

    Who commented that she’s too young for nails? They need to go bug those moms that dress their 5 year olds up like porn stars to live out some beauty pagent dream of their own instead of bugging a mom that’s helping out her 14 year old daughter with a nail-biting problem.

    1. Oh heeyy!! I replied on my email and didn’t see it was you!! LOL! You could TOTALLY guess who it was..not a girl. Love you!

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