Part 1: My Profession, Work Struggles, and Average Weekday

995933-p19MJ, age 38


One son and two daughters – ages 17 years, 14 years, and 2 years.

1. What is your profession and what are your work struggles?

I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom.  I am not a teacher, nor do I have a teaching degree.  I have a B.S. in Applied Biological Sciences and wanted to be a forensic scientist, but life, as life tends to do, led me in a different direction.  I can still putter around a lab when I’m 50 or so.

I struggle with keeping my kids’ curriculum toned down because there’s so much I want them to learn, and there’s not enough hours in the day.  I have to keep their work load realistic, considering their learning disabilities.

2. What does one of your average weekdays look like?

I start my day around 5:30 a.m., but my two oldest kids drag themselves out of bed about 8-ish (give or take a half hour).  Between the two of them, they study the normal core subjects: U.S. and World History (plus Geography), Math, Science, and English (which includes reading, writing, and grammar assignments).  My son studies Economics and just started Creative Writing.  On Mondays, both kids study and practice speaking Spanish for two hours with their grandmother – their dad’s mom.  Monday through Thursday, their days may end anywhere from noon to 3 p.m. depending on their schedule for the day.  Fridays are catch-up days and for anything extra I want to squeeze in for the week.  We school year round and take breaks around the holidays and whenever we feel the need.

My kids are at an age now, especially my son, where they are able to self-teach and self-study.  I administer tests throughout the week and correct assignments throughout the day as they turn them in.  If they need help, the kids come and ask me or wait until my husband gets home from work.  I spend most of my day with my youngest, playing and reading while practicing colors, counting, etc.

I might add that my toddler is a little rambunctious and very mischievous, so my days are far from relaxing.  Throw in errands and the occasional appointment, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and the myriad of other mom-chores, and my days are just as hectic as any other mom’s.

Next Friday – Part 2: One Of My Greatest Parenting Struggles

8 thoughts on “Part 1: My Profession, Work Struggles, and Average Weekday”

    1. There are a lot more opportunities and open doors for homeschoolers nowadays. They can take any of the college entrance exams that the public school kids take, like the SAT and ACT. They can, also, go to a community college and just take the cc’s entrance exam to get in and start. Plus, homeschooled kids can start at a community college at age 13, I believe. There are many universities (even prestigious ones) that actively search out and recruit homeschoolers, because, on average, homeschoolers are scoring higher on those entrance exams than public school kids are.
      I love the fact that I know my kids are in an environment that nurtures their strengths and curiosities. They are receiving a more well-rounded education and aren’t up at all hours with tedious homework. They learn (and are allowed to learn) in ways that best suit them. 🙂

        1. I would check with your country’s laws first. I’ve read of some countries that do not allow homeschooling and, in fact, take away some people’s children because of it. Even here in the states, some people don’t like the fact that homeschooling is legal here. They think it’s the government’s job to educate our children because the government knows what’s best for our children better than the parents do, apparently. Laws here differ from state to state, with some making it virtually impossible to homeschool. If you are still interested, I wrote up an info page about homeschooling and how to get started:

          I love your “About” page, by the way. I can certainly identify with many of your personality traits. 🙂

  1. Hey there MJ! I am Saturdays With Pamela from the Moms page. I am now with You Don’t Scare Me I Have Kids. I am blogging under Calling All Super Parents – Yes You. Come check us out! Pamela

    1. lol Yeah, I said to myself, “Hey! I know that name!” I beat you to it; I just checked out the YDSMIHK page. 🙂 Now following.

      Is this different from I’m A Mom; I Got This? I know I haven’t been able to check a lot lately, but I haven’t seen much on there being posted.

      1. That is the reason I left. I was asked to team up with 3 admins from that page. I guess there was some serious drama that I don’t even care to know about. We are a fledgling page but we are picking up some steam. We would love to do a share for share with you if you are interested! I hear ya…things are crazy around here too. Hard enough to just follow my emails and some FB posts! LOL I do love it though! Welcome hon!

        1. Oh, wow. Yeah, I don’t handle drama well, so I tend to steer WAY clear of those types of people.

          What is a “share for share”? I’m really new to this whole blogging thing still. 🙂

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