My Latest Creation

As you may know, I make jewelry.  I haven’t had a lot of time to make it, and most importantly I have been running out of materials, which pretty much makes it impossible.

My neighbor at my sister’s house, Sarah, took me to a local bead store and bought wire and beads and all kinds of stuff for me to make her a necklace, or earrings and a bracelet.  I enjoy making things just for making them.  It keeps me busy and takes my mind off of other things.

This necklace is truly a “piece”.  I have had the sun for years and I did A LOT of wire wrapping on the necklace.  It has red glass beads, garnets, silver spacer’s and a silver clasp I made.

In the picture there is an odd amount of garnets on each side 11 then 12…hate it when that happens, but it worked out okay because it was too short for her.  Now there are 13 on each side of the back and it fits perfectly!  I had made a pair of earrings that became the inspiration for the necklace.  She has those on, and I forgot to take a picture of them.  I need to remember to take pictures of all of my work.  I took a pic of my earrings, almost the same as hers, except my center stone is a greenish/blue glass bead and the wire is rose colored copper.  Hers are silver wrapped copper and her center bead is the red glass beads that are in the necklace. The small round one’s are the garnets.

I’m going to try and work on the bracelet today.

I obviously need to take photography classes or something too..:)


6 thoughts on “My Latest Creation”

  1. This is beautiful! You did some gorgeous work girl…I would post you on my fb – personal. Or we could do share 4 share on the other! If you want to earn money on these this would be a good way to get the word out. In either case enjoy your creative side as often as possible. I know it feeds my soul to do so!

      1. If you go to our fb page you don’t scare me I have kids….you can put a post on our wall. One of my other admins will do the s4s when you request ir. I am the anti_techie so I won’t be able to do it. We will post about your page and you post about ours…jess will give a better explanation! If you start a new fb page for your jewelry you can upload pics there and then we can share them on my personal page for you.

        1. Ok..I will try soon ..just starting weekly sanitation of my sisters house for when Mike gets home! He’s doing great!! Stem cells are engrafting!! That is a huge deal. TTYS! EM

    1. This necklace was really heavy, not too heavy but when she put it on she was like “aahhh, feels sooo good!!” Sarah has been a great friend and has been contributing to our family situation both financially and emotionally. She deserved this.

    2. Hi! I didn’t realize the earrings didn’t show up, except for the middle part, so I posted a full pic. I’m not sure how to put it under Em’s the way what is share 4 share? I’m interested and would do the same for you.

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