Ok, this recipe may seem totally lame, but it’s REALLY good!

I swear I’m not trying to get out of a recipe post.  It’s just easy.

The pic is weird..I know, but it was creative.

Take an apple, any kind

Slice in half and core

Put some butter on it

Put some brown sugar on it

Put some cinnamon and fresh nutmeg on it (if you have fresh nutmeg, I don’t..just made that up)

Repeat with other half

Stick the apple halves in the microwave for about 30 seconds, check the apple a few times.

It will come out tasting like apple pie.

I know, bake it if microwaving an apple sounds sketchy, but in a hurry this tastes great.  I won’t say it’s extremely good for you..but’s not deep fried..wait..wait a minute, just kidding.Image


4 thoughts on “Apples!”

  1. That sounds really good and, thankfully, quick. I need quick recipes right now.

    That picture, on the other hand, is really disturbing.

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