Hey Everyone..$hi% Happens To All of Us!

FINALLY!  I am home!

There really is no place like home.  As some of you may know I have been living at my sister’s house, taking care of their house and children while her husband, my brother in law, Mike, kick’s cancer’s ASS!  I am not being crude, I am just fighting like a girl!  I am so tired of those commercials with the piano music..PUH-LEASE!  This is a battle for life and like all battles you need to be a real warrior to WIN!  No second place allowed.

As I was saying before my tirade, I am loving looking at the Puget Sound from my house.  All of my windows face North, I know, the water is West, but our inlet comes way in to the North.  Believe me I was totally turned around in this house for a few weeks when I first moved in.

The pictures of Mt. Rainier are from my sister’s house, my view is of the water and Seattle on top of the hills.  I am going to try to find a pic that I took of a building, it WAS named the Bank of America Tower, now I have no idea what it’s called, anyways. sometimes when the sun sets, it hits this tower made of glass and it looks like a pillar of fire!  It is the tallest building in Seattle and it makes for a wonderful show.  Well, my daughter saw it once when the sun was hitting it and thought a bomb went off..that wasn’t too funny until I told her what it was.  She said “I was waiting for a mushroom cloud”..jeez..I told her I was happy she was so observant, but maybe needed to lighten up a bit?..Ya think?

I go back to my sister’s on Sunday or Monday.  Not sure which.  Either way I am in two houses full of love and we will beat ANYTHING that comes at us!  I am in full warrior ex-cop, take no prisoners, mode!  Don’t worry..I take the hat off sometimes.  Like yesterday!

I went to my beach yesterday..combing through the sand, finding agates and gem stones.  Then, I smell something..OMG..I stuck my hand in a pile of dog poop someone had covered up with sand.  My serenity flew RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW!  DANG!  I was so pissed off at first I was scanning the beach looking for any dog owner.  Good thing there was nobody there.  I went into Salty’s the restaurant that is right there and washed my hands..then I laughed HARD!

I know my attitude was as crappy as what I stuck my hand in.  It was the Universe’s way of telling ME to lighten up.  My grandpa used to say, “If you stir enough shit, it’s going to get on you.” 

Well, I didn’t stir any up, but I needed a wake-up call to be happy and just be glad I am healthy and alive.

The pic in my post is of the building..it’s not a great pic, but you get the idea.  The one of the pink sunset is the same area/direction, the building would be off to the left if you could see it.  That pink sunset was on the news.  fire building

Take Care All!  I miss you MJ!


4 thoughts on “Hey Everyone..$hi% Happens To All of Us!”

  1. OMG Did this happen after I got off the phone with you? I would have freaked. I have dogs, but I would still freak if my hand got shoved into one of their piles. 😦

  2. You are AWESOME Em! I go into ass kicking mode when it is needed. It is an quick and easy transition for me…perhaps too much so. I have had scares…going through one now as a matter of fact…but have never been diagnosed with cancer. Huge gratitude there! Tell Mike to kick as hard and as long as he can and then to wake up and start kicking again! I send my love and blessings to all of you!

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