Easy Facial Scrub

My daughter is obsessed with making her own facial scrubs and masks.  She has dealt with skin problems and is looking for better alternatives to store bought skin care products.

One of the things she makes, and this is wonderful, is a scrub that leaves your skin moisturized and soft.  The scrub isn’t too harsh and can be used anywhere on your body.

I have to admit it gets a bit expensive when she uses my GRAPE SEED oil, and ALL OF MY COOKING oils.  Every now and then she clogs the shower drain with oatmeal.  That one stopped.  I was like “Really VAL?!!  The tub does not have a garbage disposal!”  But other than that it makes her happy, and really who could ask for more than a happy teen??

Here’s her scrub.

Take about 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar

add some honey

add some vitamin E

add some grape seed oil

Mix it all up and wash over your face or body.  Remember..you MAY want to do this over your kitchen sink.

You will have soft freshly polished skin.  She used this right after having a light treatment and it didn’t hurt her at all.  This is nice considering the light treatment leaves you feeling burned, and looking burned for about a week.  It was the alternative to Accutane, which we are not ok with at all.

Here’s to happy kids, and clear faces.  It smells good too.  Probably make a good marinade of some kind..BEFORE you put it all over your face.Image

See this face?  This is why I don’t lock her in the closet when the drain get’s clogged..I love her so much!  I’m still hiding the oatmeal.

11 thoughts on “Easy Facial Scrub”

  1. She is getting MUCH too beautiful for her own good. I’d be locking her in a closet or placing a baseball bat by the front door for would-be suitors. 🙂

  2. If Target gets rid of No7 I’m not going there anymore!! I finally found something worth the price and does what it says it’s going to do. My Target still has a rep and is stocked. The one by my sister’s house is wiped out like you said, Jen..sad.

    1. Hi, sorry Jen. She said 2 caps of Vitamin E, 1 tsp grape seed oil, about 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar, and about a tablespoon of honey. It’s kind of thick. she eyeballs it. The less oil and honey you add to the brown sugar the more abrasive it will be. She doesn’t like it to be too harsh so it’s about the consistency of yogurt..but gritty..jeez, sorry!! Hope that helps a bit!

    2. HI JENN! With TWO N’s, sorry I spelled your name wrong..you must think I’m an idiot. On TOP of “some of this and some of that” It’s even in your name!
      Thanks Jenn!

  3. I wish I would’ve known about ways to make things from scratch like this when I was (not that much) younger. I struggled with my skin for about 30 years . . . and I wasn’t okay with Accutane, either.

    1. We had a lot of luck with the Levulon treatment, but we were only able to get it because her dad paid for it. Proactive was good until it dried her face out to the point of cracking and bleeding, and that was down to ONCE a week.
      She uses Cetaphil oil control cleanser, and for moisturizer, No7 Beautiful skin day cream and No7 hydrating mask.
      The No7 (number 7) products can be found at Target and are a bit pricey compared to the others, but work like magic. There isn’t a lot of crap in them. The makeup is nice too.

      1. I use their make-up. I think Target must be giving them up, though–the last time I was in there to buy it, the shelves were cleared out and everything left was on sale for four bucks.

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