Anyone Missing A Goat?

This is where I live now.

And I love it.

For those of you who live (or have lived) on a farm or in some rural area, this may be normal to you.  It’s far from normal for me.

Our small neighborhood keeps in touch via a simple social networking site called  People post questions such as, “Does anyone want to switch irrigation schedules?” and “Anyone missing a goat?”

When we first moved in, the neighbor across the street from us said the previous neighbor next to us used to own a bull.  When they first moved in, that neighbor knocked on their door and asked them for help because their bull had gotten loose.  It was walking down the street!  How in the world are you supposed to help with that?

This is far from normal for me, but I love it.  I used to move around quite a bit while I was growing up.  I’ve lived on the west coast, the east coast, and sort of in the middle.  I’ve always lived in the suburbs though.  In an apartment or house.

Everyone here waves at you.  Driving in their car or walking down the street.  This is weird to me.

I just moved from a neighborhood where neighbors rarely talked to one another and usually avoided eye contact.  I had one neighbor, an old guy, that would occasionally wave.  And the mom next door, if she caught me looking in her direction.  But that was it.

I have traded the sound of a black SUV blasting rap music, and driving by twice a day, with the sound of the occasional riding mower.  I no longer hear our nightmare of a neighbor screaming at his kids and girlfriend, blasting his dumb 80’s hair-band music, or revving his stupid boat in the front yard.  I have traded hearing police helicopters every night with hearing a jet or two every day; we live near a base now.  I think I’ve heard sirens once since living here a whole month while it was every day, throughout the day, at the other house.  The silence is music to my ears.  I don’t even mind hearing the creepy sounds of packs of coyotes roaming the streets at night.  You know they sound like a pack of children crying and giggling?

I (and my oldest daughter) no longer have to worry about being leered at by my gross nightmare neighbor or his even more gross homeless-cracked-out-looking friends.  We now have neighbors that wave and keep to themselves, for the most part, and like peace and quiet, just like us.

I don’t mean to bitch and moan, but that doesn’t even cover half of the emotional stress that house and living situation gave us, especially my husband.  We’re all glad we are out of that house.

I’m starting to plan my fruit and vegetable garden.  There are already three citrus trees growing in the back and, even after trimming them down, I’m still not sure what type they are.  I’m going to plant some apple trees, grape vines, and blueberry and raspberry bushes.  I want a huge patch of strawberry plants.  I’m super excited.

We’ll eventually get chickens, but part of the property isn’t fenced in, so that will have to wait.

I’m going to try to get back to nurturing this blog, but I am starting up another blog for my jewelry.  Take a look if you’re interested.  It’s still in the construction phase.

So I am kind of back!  I’m still looking for my cord for my camera which sucks because I took some good pictures for a recipe post.  Ah, well.  This may be my only post for this week.

Good to be back!

8 thoughts on “Anyone Missing A Goat?”

  1. Sorry I’m just getting back to you, I’ve been busy and forgot to check. It’s still not too late to get baby chicks, in fact its even easier to raise them from babies at this time of year. They need a brooder ( a plastic bin will work) a heat lamp food and water for the first 6 weeks then they can go outside. You won’t start getting eggs until they are about 20 weeks of age, and you may need to put a light in their night coop to extend the daylight hours since it will be getting cooler by the time they are 20 weeks old. I don’t know if you have a feed mill or what around you but they are probably done selling chicks, however you can still get them straight from hatcheries. You will need to find one close to you and they can ship them straight to your home, some do have restrictions on how many minimum you need to buy. Some places spray for vaccines (I prefer without) so they may be something you want to ask. Good luck! If I can be of help let me know!

    1. lol No problem. Thanks for the info! I may have to wait until next spring to get chicks, as we’re still landscaping and designing the yard. Not to mention two sides of the yard still don’t have fencing, and the fencing we have isn’t gong to protect the chicks from coyotes. I will definitely bug you again for some info though! 🙂

    1. Thanks! We’re super excited to start gardening. The teens even love it out here. My oldest daughter has started jogging, and my son loves taking his mountain bike out and wandering. We’re very close to a mountain range. And my toddler loves just going outside and exploring!

  2. I also live in the country and was raised in the suburbs. I wouldn’t trade it for the best suburb in the world. We have a garden, pigs, chickens and turkeys. Oh, and of course your cats and dogs. 😉 You CAN have chickens without fencing in your yard, just make a smaller pen type that is fenced off so the cyotes can’t get them at night and they have a place to lay their eggs. Nothing like farm fresh eggs (which I had never had until I moved to the country). There are longhorns (not ours) that are on the 50 acres behind us and they get out on an occasion and people always thing they’re ours. haha We’re always helping to herd them back in. Oh and the non intruding neighbors are awesome.

    1. Oh, wow. We’re only working with an acre, but that would be the next step once the kids leave the next, getting much more acreage and really moving out the boonies. 🙂

      A neighbor mentioned the other day getting turkeys, and I hadn’t even thought of that, so we may get a couple, too. Thanks for the tip on the chickens. I may have my husband construct something. But isn’t it too late in the season to get chickens? Or would I just get an older chick? lol I’m still learning.

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