A Recipe For Kindness


Hello All!

I am home from my sisters for now.  My surgery went well.  My brother-in-law just had his second stem cell transplant and is having a rough go of it, which is putting it mildly.

Earlier today I wanted to post about kefir, and how to make your own.  I couldn’t even think of where to start so I started looking up recipes and information.  I had found a very nice blog and there was a recipe for kefir on this blog.  I asked if I could re-post her post on this blog because her post was amazing. She said I could share… Well, SHE’S MEAN..yeah I know I sound like I’m 5, but whatever she hurt my feelings.

Well, I guess I did it way wrong.  In the title I put it was “re-blogged” and had her name and even the date she posted it.  I stated in the text, that I had copied and pasted because I don’t know what I’m doing, that I was sharing HER post because it was so perfect.  Apparently I did it so wrong she accused me of plagiarism, said I could “share” the link, and to delete her words immediately because I would ALSO ruin the ranking of the post.  I was so upset I actually cried for a few minutes.

ALL of you know I would NEVER use someone’s words or hard work to benefit myself.  I guess it upset me that I thought it was just flat out mean too.  I’m on a LOT of meds right now and this probably isn’t making much sense…sorry for that!

If anyone ever reads any of my posts and it helps them in any way shape or form…SHARE IT! Re-post it, copy and paste til you’re blue in the face!  I do NOT care!  I care about you and my family and people in general.  Seriously.  If it helps you and you think it would help someone else, do whatever you need to do to get it out there!  I would consider it quite the compliment.  I’m also looking up how to correctly re-blog and how to share links.  I do believe that is important and we never stop learning!  I like and need to do things correctly.

I am not stupid.  I am computer dumb at times and definitely blog ignorant here and there, so I do understand that this can be serious.  THAT being said, know that this was just overboard “blog B.S.”.  I’m not going to say who it was because I’M NOT MEAN!  But I am tough and I am kind as well..guess she didn’t read the “About Me”..LOL!! I, once again, learned what is important and what is not.  So, now that I think about it and am laughing, which hurts REALLY bad (dang incisions..lol.), she did me a favor by reminding me what is really important in life.  My post ranking is not one of them.  My friends and family and my fellow bloggers are.

Kindness means giving.

Kindness means understanding

Kindness means love

Kindness means think before you speak, and if you don’t, apologize if you need to, than move on… your real friends and loved ones will move on too, if they haven’t already.

Kindness means helping people

Kindness is sticking up for people (MJ jumped in the comment and stuck up for me immediately!)

I’m glad my life isn’t caught up with “blog wars”… as you know I call them.

I want to thank all of you for always being so supportive, for all of your kind words and comments.

I promise to always be kind to you, to help whenever I can, and never say anything that would cause you pain, and if I did say something that hurt or caused anyone pain I would apologize til the cows come home!

I’ll tell you my friend’s kefir recipe next week.  She is also my neighbor, so when she gets home I’ll have her help me write it out.  Recipes are a tough one for me to write.  I do think it’s great stuff and I know it would help someone out there.

Take Care,


3 thoughts on “A Recipe For Kindness”

  1. Oh the mean things I could have said. I want to add a disclaimer to our site about learning how to spell and use the dictionary before accusing us of anything.

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