Okay, People. Let’s Define Plagiarize.

Gibson, Charles Dana. The Gibson Girl and Her America: The Best Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson. P99.As per Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (Eleventh Edition), plagiarize is defined as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source…”

As per a blog etiquette rule unbeknownst to us, cutting and pasting someone else’s whole post and putting it in your own post, regardless if you have given credit to the original writer and written your own introduction, is inappropriate and unacceptable.  Okay.  We’ve got it.  We understand now.

But understand this: that is not plagiarism.

I don’t claim to know anything, except for knowing how to correctly use a dictionary.  In fact, in 6th grade, I was the fastest kid in my class at looking up words in the dictionary.  Who gives a fuck?  Well, that’s how I feel about your post ranking.  So you go be proud and protective of your post ranking, and I’ll go and be proud of my grand accomplishment from 6th grade.

What I do care about is doing things correctly and not hurting others, so if either one of us has breached some unwritten blog etiquette rule, then please tell us.  But, please, do the appropriate thing.  Take us aside and tell us, which, in the blogging world, would be the equivalent of privately emailing us.  Don’t accuse us of something in our comments section.  Apparently, appropriate contact is protocol even in the blog etiquette rulebook that is floating around in cyberspace.

If you are going to be rude and accuse us of something in our comments section, make sure you know the correct definition of what you are accusing us of.  If you want to bring it on in public, make sure you know what you are talking about.  We may or may not give you the time of day.  It depends on if we’ve got that extra 20 minutes to spare between taking care of our families and doing more important things, like… oh, I don’t know… life outside the internet.

You see, we write this blog as a hobby and to connect with each other and other like-minded people.  We don’t give a fuck about post rankings (whatever those are) and blog drama.  There is enough drama in real life, like cancer, family issues, death, parenting… your typical adult responsibilities in life.

If you don’t like our blog, then go elsewhere.  Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you luck with your future endeavors.  If we’ve done something inappropriate according to a blogging world rule that, apparently, everyone agreed on, then we apologize.  We are new at this, and there will be mistakes made.  Nobody learns without making mistakes along the way.  We don’t mind being told in a polite way.

It annoys me that grammar and spelling have gone completely out the window when it comes to blogging.  Obviously, people are now altering definitions of words as well.  Let’s not throw away common sense and politeness, too.

But if you insist on putting the gloves on and duking it out, be prepared.  We’re no pansies.  And I always keep a dictionary close by.  😉

14 thoughts on “Okay, People. Let’s Define Plagiarize.”

  1. Actually, the proper protocol for these matters is to file a DMCA takedown order and have a site shut down for copyright violation. You also don’t have a contact form on your blog, so there is no way to privately contact you. You are lucky the person actually reached out to you at all; they could have just shut your whole blog down.

    1. Yes I remember what you said. I wrote you a thank you..this is em.
      Guess i’ll figure out the contact form too..so much to know.
      But I read the DMAC..and contacted a few people. There would have been no shut down..but people who do such things on purpose should face whatever is coming to them.
      Intent is part of the question. My ONLY intent was to share and tell everyone how “perfect ” her post was. I tried to do it right..siting her blog..the date ..the fact that SHE wrote it and that it was perfect. But now I know so much more.
      I did exactly as she asked within minutes. Not because I was aware that I did something wrong but for the.simple fact she asked me..now I know why she wasn’t very “nice” about it because people do these things on purpose! I never would have known.

    2. Was there a copyright violation? A “site shut down” seems a little extreme for the situation.
      Actually, if you click on either one of our Gravatar icons, you can find contact info.
      And, no, I highly doubt they could have just shut our whole blog down, considering Em’s post was unintentional and merely done incorrectly.
      Wow! Such drama. Why do people get so worked up over such petty things?
      I’m done.

      1. Yes, it would be extreme in this case, and your webhost would probably just talk to you rather than shut your down. But there are so. many. truly criminal thieves and plagiarists in the blogosphere that many bloggers think it is better to just act than try and contact the blogger and risk “all this drama.” I made the mistake of contacting a true content thief once, and found myself subject to a malicious Facebook troll attack for several days.

        Why do people get so worked up? Because they are trying to make a LIVING writing their blogs. You know, blogging to pay for important stuff like rent and food for their children. Blogging is a real business for many people, especially if they write recipes and cookbooks, and they take it very seriously.

        Seriously, this isn’t blog drama. If your blog gets any bigger, you discover the painful, intentional malice known as the troll. Now there’s some drama! It takes a really thick skin to be a public figure of any kind. Check it out (especially mid article to the end): http://glutenfreegirl.com/2011/08/warm-brown-rice-and-grilled-vegetable-salad/

        1. Okay, so I’m not done quite yet. lol

          Thank you, Dawn, for your civil comment. A blogger has every right to be furious if someone were to copy and paste their work into a post, claim that it was their work, and then attempt to profit from it, especially if that blogger earned money for a living from their blog.

          That is NOT what Em did, or even remotely close to it. From your first comment, I’m getting the impression that you did not read the original post and may have gotten the news second-hand. From the attacks that Em has been getting through email, I am thinking either those people did not read the post either or are complete idiots.

          Yes, Em copied and pasted this blogger’s post into her own post, BUT she clearly stated that it was “reblogged.” She also clearly acknowledged the writer and the blog where it came from, including the date of the post. In fact, Em wrote an introduction paragraph explaining how wonderfully written this blogger’s post was, and that’s why she wanted to share it. Em’s only fault was not knowing that she wasn’t supposed to copy and paste a whole post. Em’s intent was completely obvious.

          From the amount of attacks Em is receiving through email and the amount of visitors on our sight skyrocketing, I’m going to comfortably assume that this blogger is blabbing it to all her friends and not telling the whole truth. To me, this is rude, childish, and petty.

          This is what I meant about people getting worked up over nothing and unnecessary blog drama.

          You seem to be a level-headed, intelligent person that may not have gotten all the facts, and I appreciate your second comment and trying to explain things to us in a civil tone. This whole situation is unfortunate.

    3. I read your post..I’m so sorry that happened to you. Being in the public eye IS hard! I remember a few arrests I made and how they said they were going to kill me and my family.
      Glad you kept going! We are NOTHING like those people. That was a horrible thing for you to experience.
      Way to bounce back!
      Thanks again Dawn. People do care!

      1. Thank YOU for being my friend
        Nothing like when someone sticks up for you!
        You explained everything petfectly
        Love you!
        Imagine..everything I’ve been through and some illness makes me feel like 5 again ..
        I’m SURE if I wasn’t going through this right now I wouldn’t have been upset. I would have justvlearned

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