Bring It On, Mosquitoes!!!

Yes, that is the desert beyond our yard.  And, yes, we get mosquitoes in the desert.
Yes, that is the desert beyond our yard. And, yes, we get mosquitoes in the desert.

We’re having a huge mosquito invasion right now.  Yes, I live in Arizona, near Phoenix.  We do get mosquitoes.  Some of the neighbors have been here since this community first started, and they say it has never been this bad, even though we irrigate.  I lived in Florida for four years, and I’ve never seen mosquito clouds this bad.

I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible, but I am all for the county fogging our area, as long as I know when it is and we’re indoors.  This morning my husband was spraying around my potted plants on the patio, and the mosquitoes were going crazy all over the place.  Then he sprayed in an empty pot that looked like the inside was coated in dirt.  That coating was a coating of mosquitoes.  It was so incredibly gross.  As soon as the spray hit, a thick, black cloud of mosquitoes rose up.

I hate having to use the chemical spray, so I’ve been trying to research some natural mosquito repellents.  I made a list of mosquito repelling plants, using these two articles as my guide:

Grow Safe, Natural Mosquito Repellents on

5 Easy To Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants on

I took my list last week to our local Lowes and only found barely a handful.  I guess most are specialty plants that I may have to order online, or I may have to check out our local nurseries.

Now, I believe that these plants may work to repel mosquitoes, but, as of right now, the mosquitoes are hanging out on the plants and in their pots.  I am assuming that either the plants need to mature more for their scent to become stronger, or I need to crush the leaves to release the scent that repels the mosquitoes.  I’m still experimenting, so I’ll let you know what I find.

I am, also, sprinkling the crap out of all my plants and pots on my patios with diatomaceous earth.  I use this as our normal pest control around the perimeter of the house, and behind bookshelves and appliances inside the house.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is crushed diatoms that are the equivalent of razor blades to insects.  It cuts them up so badly they die from dehydration.  DE has a whole plethora of uses.  If it’s labelled as “Food Grade,” it can be ingested to combat internal parasites.  It can be used to get rid of fleas on pets.  It can be used as a filter or as an abrasive.  It is, also, supposed to help with a range of health issues.

I, personally, don’t eat it.  I just use it to kill bugs, and it does its job very efficiently.  There is no becoming immune to DE, unlike chemical pesticides.  It even kills cockroaches.  Let’s see those guys try to evolve to become resistant to miniature razor blades.  Not going to happen anytime soon.

It’s funny (at least I think it is) when I sprinkle the DE in the pots and see a cloud of white mosquitoes rise up.  It’s not funny that they’re white; I find it amusing that their backs are being cut to ribbons.

Anyway… Today I am trying this product called “Mosquito Dunks.”  I saw them on this morning and had my husband pick some up at Home Depot.  Apparently, they are made up of a type of bacterium that releases toxins that kill mosquitoes, as well as their larvae.  They come in these thick, dry rings.  I broke the rings into quarters and put each piece in a plastic container filled with a few inches of water.  Then I placed each container around the plants and pots where the mosquitoes were the worst.  We’ll see what happens.

So bring it on, mosquitoes!

What do you use for mosquito control?

7 thoughts on “Bring It On, Mosquitoes!!!”

  1. Wow! We are experiencing a lot of FLEAS in our yard! Mark was bit so many times. I don’t like chemicals either but we are NUKING the yard. Fleas and mosquitoes. No thanks. The Pacific Northwest has THE highest cases of the plague in the world. Something like 9 to 12 a year. Nope…not even going there! Good luck!

    1. Gross. I can’t stand fleas, probably more so than mosquitoes. I’d say use DE, but the rain would just wash it away. 😦

  2. Good one mosquito warrior! I am in Denver and we have big problem here too. West Nile Virus has been around here for some time now. i am moving to the hills in a few years and it is really bad there too. I have been looking at these plants as well as some of the all natural topical remedies. PLEASE let me know how this works out? (I LOOOOVE Mother Earth News too! Subscriber here!)

    Thanks again Madame Guinea Pig 😉

    1. I should have stated that I wrote this on Saturday, instead of “this morning.” DE. DE. DE. They hate DE, it seems. When I hosed down the patio and washed the DE away, their population exploded again. When I put down the DE again, there were barely any after 2 days. Sprinkle it on plants, dirt, and containers where they hang out.

      Also, my husband bought this organic spray called EcoSmart. It’s made up of essential oils and other natural stuff. Killed most of them instantly when he sprayed it. I think he got it at either Walmart or Home Depot.

      We have West Nile out here, too. But I haven’t heard of any of the mosquitoes testing positive for it yet.

      I’ll let you know how the plants work out, once they’ve grown a little and their leaves are large enough to crush and sprinkle. 🙂

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