Earrings In The Works And New Earrings Over The Weekend

New earrings and some earrings I’m working on! 🙂

Girly Grr



So I bought a bunch of these ear threads years ago, and now I am trying to use them up.  That’s why all the earrings I’m putting out so far have ear threads.  This one had a sterling silver star attached, so I wanted the beads to be blue-ish and crystal-y.  So far I’m using Czech glass and smoky quartz.  I’m just not feelin’ it though.  I may scrap it and start over.  Or finish it this way and be done with it.  We’ll see.

I finally put my bracelet and necklace up on Etsy today.  Whew!  I apologize for taking so long.  Just couldn’t get the sit-down time.  But I also made a new pair of earrings over the weekend, which I put up, as well.

IMG_2697 - Copy

I made my first handmade clasp this weekend, too!  I’m super proud of myself.  My best friend, Emalie, has been making clasps for…

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3 thoughts on “Earrings In The Works And New Earrings Over The Weekend”

  1. Gorgeous. I like the smoky quartz..I’m with you on the color combo! I like greens and muted blues with it too. Looks like you need a small POW color..idk. Love you! I love how your work has become so you and so pretty!

    1. Thanks! I think that’s what has bothering me about them. Like something missing; something not quite right. 🙂

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