Am I Depressed…Or Is It Hormones?


I have been really depressed…or something, not sure.  I am 6 weeks out of a partial hysterectomy.  I still have my ovaries and cervix.  So, is this depression, or PMS with a vengeance?

Either way I need this to stop.  If not for my sake than for MJ’s.  She can FEEL it.  She knew before I even told anyone.

I haven’t been able to get out of bed or eat.  My right side hurts like stabbing pain.  That dang ovary is working, which is good I guess.  Would have been better if it worked BEFORE I had to have my uterus removed. 

Everyone says things happen for a reason.  This better be a damn good reason.

I want to cry and scream at the same time.  God help anyone that starts an argument with me right now.  I haven’t been driving either.

I have a freaking pizza party tonight and I need to get it together.  Yeah right.  Because I just love pizza parties.

Has anyone been through this?  My follow up is soon.  I feel like they are going to want to put me on an anti-depressant and I do NOT want to go down that road again.  If I need to I will, but I will do it kicking and screaming.

I think I just need to go home.  Than again, last time I was there it was so torn up that was scary.  I am having my daughter come here with me as soon as school is out.  That will make a difference.

I didn’t even mean to take the week off, I basically slept for days, well a week.  Yesterday and today is better, so I feel like I’m coming out of it, but then again I don’t know.  I’ll ask my doctor.

Take Care, this to shall pass..


8 thoughts on “Am I Depressed…Or Is It Hormones?”

  1. MJ is right! For me it is a granny smith and raw almonds. The D3 is vital for me too. Colorado has a ton of sun and I still take it. Try to find a book called the mood cure. Amazing stuff. My MD told me about it and it has offered me so much lattitude in taking care of myself. I am also reading Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin. She comes from a long line of traditional drs and was herself one. She still does that side of things but also uses holistic approaches and is an integeative doc. Worth the read I promise. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you need hormones. Natural troches are wonderful….prescribed progesterone that dissolves in your mouth. When I take it, I’m the sweetest little person in the whole wide world. I’m out right now, so am more anxious and irritable Than I should be.
    A doctor who prescribes natural can adjust the ingredients to include estrogen or progesterone, whatever your symptoms are.
    Be sure and sit in the sunshine every day. Also get out of bed and make it so its not as easy to climb back in.
    Life’s a bitch sometimes. Just know we love you and want you well.
    When do you plan to be in your own home?

    1. Uugh..August! But I got my ass out if bed! I know you are right about the hormones ..I’ll get on that! Sunshine? You remember WHERE I live?? LOL!! 😉 I think I kicked it..this time. There will not be a next time! Thank you sweetie.

      1. Get back on that Vitamin D3! And start eating berries and apples in the morning. I know it sounds crazy but I think that’s what is giving me energy, like when I used to take my medication. I make a berries and apple smoothie in the morning and take that with my VitD3 and Omega3 supplements. It’s all about diet!

  3. Ok my sweet friend…there are a lot of natural and everyday normal things that can kick depressors butt! You need to get outside for certain. Take as long of a walk as you can or go somewhere quiet and just be. Start your gratitude journal. Force yourself to find 10 things EVERY day and write them down shortly before bed. Before you know it you will begin to feel the need to find them if you have that deadline. You will be focused on looking for good and beauty in your world. Just like you plan to get junk done you need to make an appointment to do something you enjoy. You will need to get your required sleep but then GET OUT OF BED!! I don’t like to force anything but sometimes you just got to do it. I love you Em, MJ loves you and I am sure that list is vary very long. It does seem to be lacking one person. The one person that matters…YOU girlfriend, you. Did you make that list of things that are wonderful about yourself. If not then start today, if so get the list out and LIVE at least one of those things to their fullest TODAY. ❤

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