Just keep swimming…..

Great blog starting up. Just read it. 😉

Just Keep Swimming

cancer sucks

I’ve decided to write not only about my experiences but to question yours. We all have a story and mine surely can’t be the only one worth reading. Maybe it will help someone else, even if that someone is me. I’m 43 and feel the most vulnerable at this point than I ever have.

With a husband under going a tandem stem cell transplant, living 50 miles from my children, no set career other than my family and mortality in my face.

Caregiver, that’s how they address you. I’m his wife, friend, lover, caregiver? Caregiver sounds so detached, impersonal, emotionless. It’s everything but these, I guess if you were a hired person these may not be far off, but I would hope it would be personal, emotional, and a sense of loyalty during your time. I don’t know how you would walk along a person under going treatment for cancer (…

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