New Bracelet, Earrings, and Those Damn Star Earrings Are Done

New stuff going up in my Etsy shop this week! Read about them on my blog, Girly Grr.


Girly Grr

I finished up that flower bracelet over the weekend and made another pair of earrings.  I am going to attempt to make my own ear wires for them.


The flower is dyed mother of pearl, and the rest of the bracelet contains rhodonite, a grossularite garnet, apatite, labradorite, moss agate, rose quartz, a glass bead, and a Shiva shell.

I love Shiva shell beads.  That swirl is naturally made.


The two stones here are grossularite garnet and prehnite.  Both are hand-cut.  I love the rough, imperfect look that comes from hand-cut stones.


I hate these earrings.  I really do, but I am so done with them.  I don’t care if they look weird; they’ve been a pain in my ass.

Hopefully, I will have these pieces up in my Etsy shop within the next couple of days.

In case you haven’t noticed, I quit Facebook.  For personal reasons.  I do…

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