I NEED A Beef Stroganoff Recipe

recipePlease..I am in need of an EASY beef stroganoff recipe. It is one of my favorite foods..but my stomach doesn’t like it so much.
I can eat dairy so I’m not sure what the deal is.
Any ideas?
(Chef Mimi, you know who you are!..lol) 🙂

OKAAYY, I couldn’t find the computer so I tried writing this off of my phone. DO NOT DO THAT if you are like me and can’t figure out how to save a picture. I could save your life, but I can’t save a picture on my $300.00 POS phone. I HATE CELL PHONES! Throwing mine off of a bridge soon.
If you find it, you can HAVE IT!
Sorry, off topic, needed to rant.
I have no recipes, I know nothing…I am to busy slaving over a hot microwave or toaster lately.


4 thoughts on “I NEED A Beef Stroganoff Recipe”

  1. You should call my mom. Do you remember her Stroganoff? Hers is still the best I’ve tasted, although it may be a complicated recipe, knowing Mom. 🙂

  2. Brown ground beef, and chopped onion
    Boil noodles,I like egg
    Add 1 can cream mushroom soup to beef,I use large can
    Mix in sour cream, to taste
    I add seasoning, pepper,
    Now put that on top of noodles, some cut up fruit and happy times
    It’s easy because as you know I’m always going.I’m sure there’s better but this works for us.

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