My Daughter Snagged Those Prehnite Earrings, But I Made More

Short post, I know! Baby sleeping and going to wake up soon!

Girly Grr

So I didn’t make more of those exactly, as I like each piece I make to be “one of a kind.”  These three will go up in my shop though.

And I know I have yet to list my pieces from my previous post.  Listing takes time, and I have to get that time, which is difficult with my rambunctious 2 year old running around.  I am hoping to list everything by the end of the week, if not this weekend for sure.

And don’t forget, I post my listings on Twitter as soon as they go up on Etsy.  So if you’d like to follow on Twitter, you can find me here:


Sterling silver, garnet, firepolished glass, and coral.


Sterling silver, green quartz, grossularite garnet, and citrine.


Sterling silver, grossularite garnet, and green quartz.


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