Two New Earrings. Probably Two Of My Best To Date.

Girly Grr

And they were already snatched up yesterday.  By my daughter.

And my mother.

Yes, mom, you can have the earrings.

My daughter got back yesterday from spending the weekend with my parents.  And, of course, I always show her my new pieces to get her opinion.  She immediately fell in love with these:

IMG_2904Sterling silver, amazonite, aqua quartz crystal, and mountain jade.

Can you find the dog hair?  Sorry.  I never see them when I’m taking the picture, only when the photos are enlarged on my computer.  I didn’t feel like retaking these though.


She said she would quit bugging me about giving her my jewelry if I just gave her these.  So I finally gave in.  On one condition:  that she has to wear my jewelry all the time, carry my business cards with her all the time, and mention her mom makes jewelry to everyone.  She’s gotta…

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