Experimenting And New Dragonfly Earrings

Girly Grr

I really, really, really want to start making my own findings.  So I’ve been experimenting.

This is my first attempt at ear wires:


Yeah, scary.  So I asked my best friend, Em, how she makes her ear wires.  She told me she uses a mechanical pencil.  I was so excited, I didn’t really look at the pencil and was surprised when I saw this:


So I picked up a rounded mechanical pencil and made this:


Yeah, that’s better.  I’m easily distracted, and I sometimes don’t pay attention as well as I should.

So now I can make my own ear wires from any headpins or silver wire I have on hand!  Yay!

Next, I wanted to try headpins, because I am running out and they are super expensive since the last time I bought them.  I spent the money and ordered a cordless soldering tool.  It’s still in its package. …

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