Hello All!

After spending about 6 months at my sister’s house I am finally home.  Well, now I feel like I have two homes.

I was there to take care of our kids, three of her’s one of mine, two dogs, the house and the yard.  I didn’t do so hot with the yard..that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Anyways, my brother-in-law was getting tandem stem cell transplants to fight a particularly nasty form of lymphoma.  Mike and my sister, Nichole had to live in Seattle at an apartment in the Pete Gross House.  While Mike was getting the treatments, my sister was his caregiver. 

Without her being there, I don’t think this would have been as successful as it was.  Mike looks and feels great. 

They are so happy to be home!

I learned that no

t everyone would do this for their families.  I do not understand that and never will.  I don’t want to understand it.

I learned to be patient, organized and I’m kinder.  Sometimes when someone I don’t know is short with me, or seems to have an attitude, I stop and think of what they might be going through.  Looking at our family nobody would have known the struggles we were, and still will, face and fight.

Take Care everyone, kiss your family, tell them you love them!

Fight Cancer..show no mercy!  That’s why I picked this photo.  It’s how I feel about the fight.  Not streaming classical music, fighting for your life!  Or in this case, my brother’s.





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