I’m Tired Of Smelling Like Pee.

This is the one we use.
This is the one we use.

I’ve been trying to potty-train my toddler for the past few months.  It’s been difficult, to say the least.  And I know it could be worse.

I know what you’re thinking, you moms.  Your fingers are itching to type some advice into the comments section below.  If you tell me to throw some panties on her and it should only take a weekend, I will beat you and then strangle you with a used, dirty diaper.

I have 2 teens, remember?!  I have done this before and know how this is supposed to go.

Also, don’t tell me that maybe she’s not ready yet.  She’s ready.  Again, I have been through this twice already.  I threw underwear on them, and they took to peeing in the toilet pretty quickly, even with a few accidents.  Pooping was another story with my son.  That took awhile, and I’ve read that’s normal with boys.

My toddler wants to wear underwear.  She rips her diapers off and even tells me what particular kind she wants to put on, depending on her mood, “Mama!  Kitty panties!” (meaning Hello Kitty) or “Mama!  Faerie panties!” (meaning Tinker Bell).  Most of the time, she doesn’t mind sitting on the toilet, as we have a stack of books nearby and she listens attentively when I read.

In fact, she has been ripping her diaper off after she pees or poops since she was a year and a half.  I didn’t want to start potty-training her then because I felt the whole concept would be lost on her.  I didn’t feel she was ready.

The current problem:  She doesn’t want to stop playing or doing whatever it is she’s doing to go to the toilet.  When I try to take her, she’ll complain, “No!  Don’t want it!”  I know she’s gotta go; I know the signs and I see them.  She’ll hold it, too.  So I try to carry her to the toilet, and she’ll kick and yell.  She’ll arch her back when I try to set her on the toilet.  So I’ll say, “Okay.  Fine.  Just don’t go potty in your panties.  Tell me when you have to go potty.”

“Okay, Mama.”  Then she runs back to whatever she was doing.

Then I lose track of the time, and it’s an hour later, or it’s only 10 minutes later, and she won’t hold it anymore.  Won’t, not Can’t.  She takes the time to stand up and look down, or squat and look down, to pee right where she’s playing.

Oh, and, yes, she understands the concept of putting her potty in the toilet.  She makes Tinker Bell and all the other faeries go potty on the toilet in Barbie’s house.  And it’s not like she hasn’t gone potty in her toilet a bunch of times already with no problems.

I’m at my wit’s end, and I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of cleaning up pee, and I’m sure my teens are, too.  (They’ve been so awesome helping me with this!)  Good thing we have tile in most of the house.  I’m also tired of smelling like pee at the end of the day.  Even though she doesn’t pee on me and, when I carry her to the tub to be washed, I don’t think I get any pee on me, I still manage to smell like it.

I took a break yesterday.  I had to.  For my sanity.  I tried to keep her in diapers all day.  She kept asking for her panties.

Okay, so here’s where I ask for advice.  Have any of you had to deal with a difficult child when it comes to potty training, or maybe this same situation?  Please, please, please, throw some suggestions my way.

I cringe at the thought, but I am totally ready to start bribing her with chocolate chips.

8 thoughts on “I’m Tired Of Smelling Like Pee.”

  1. I wish I had tips, I’ll be waiting for the commenters to respond as well. Yesterday, I walked upstairs to find Addison diaperless with poop on her hands, legs and tush. The diaper was empty so my immediate thought was, “Where’s the poop?” It was next to her potty and on a tissue (no clue where the tissue came from). She’s ready, but also not quite that ready.

    1. OMG. lol I’ve had a couple of those situations. My teens and I kid around that my toddler is thinking to herself, “Mwah-ha-ha… you’ll never find where I’ve hidden the poops!”

  2. No potty training experience yet, but if it makes you feel any better about holding off on the whole thing, I read an article by a pediatric urologist that said potty training too early can lead to poop/pee issues later in childhood. He advocated for waiting until well after 3. Probably not what you want to hear, but sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a break. 🙂 Maybe she can put the panties on over her diaper for a few weeks/months. Sometimes the stress just isn’t worth it!

    1. Actually, it’s exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your comment. It prompted me to do more reading yesterday, and I did decide to hold off on potty training. Even though she’s showing all the signs everyone lists, she (for whatever reason) is obviously not ready for it yet. And I’m okay with that. 🙂

  3. YES I HAVE!! I actually had to potty train my son 4 TIMES because he would get it and then lose it. Mostly from a traumatic event and the fact that I did not meet him until he was 2. As a foster parent i trained a lot!! The best trick I have is my own invention…..ssshhhhh. I sit them on the potty…often it is in the playroom so they don’t have to leave when they are into their activity. When I sit them down and they just can’t go or get the hang of “This is where and when you go” I pour a little warm water over their genitals. This makes them have the sensation of peeing and it entices their body to “go with the flow.”

    The other one that has worked for adults I know as well as kids involves the panties. Let her choose the best panties she has and wants that day. Then set out several plain Jane ones. She gets the lace or cartoon of her choice but she only gets one shot at wearing the cool ones. When she messes the NICE panties they will need to be washed so the plain ones go on until tomorrow.

    Each kid is different so play to her strengths. If she likes to read a particular book she only gets that book on the potty for instance. She could have other books but not the favorite. Just a few thoughts and yes it is a struggle sometimes. Don’t let the results you had with the others make you struggle with this little one and for sure do not let the “advice” and snobbery of other parents get you down. From one Super Mom to another! ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela, for all the tips! I did some more reading on recent pediatric studies and such, and decided to hold off on potty training for now. Maybe she’s one of those that won’t do it until she’s 3. I’m okay with that now, after reading. I’ll probably do a post on that next week. I think my husband feeling pressured by those types of parents at his work, oozed out onto me, making me feel pressure as well. Talk about unhealthy peer pressure. Even though she’s showing the signs that she’s ready, she obviously, for whatever reason, is not ready. Everyone else can just fuck off. 🙂

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