Modular Art Walls Are NOT for the Lighthearted DIY!


We just installed one side of a modular art wall called Dune.  First of all I thought it was WAVES and the name on the box totally threw me

The wall is 8′ by 6′.  It is made out of compressed gypsum.  It comes in tiles.  Square tiles.

You “tile” the wall with the tiles.  Line it up and glue and screw. 

Then comes the hard part.  Finishing.

I have been mudding and sanding, mudding and sanding.. I am going to be an expert soon, or wrap my head in the plastic wrap. 

My Dad is on his way over today.  Hopefully he’ll have fatherly advice plus I know he sheet rocked for a time.

Now I know why rich people have these.  They have them INSTALLED. 

We are now having an issue finding led lights to downlight the wall.  The prices range from like $7 to $300…WHAT!  So all we really need are the cans then we can change out the bulbs..or that’s the plan anyway.

Now the rest of the house is on hold because I can’t tear myself away from this wall. 

If any of you are thinking of doing this make sure your tiles fit together REALLY TIGHT!  Although there are male and female tabs that allow them to click together, it really isn’t that easy.  Nothing is that easy.  Each tile has been at least one man hour, or woman hour to finish.  I have a few seams that are less than 1/2″, but I’ll take whatever I can right now!

So far it looks beautiful, so I like it.  Maybe the other side will be easier?

Good luck.

Dear readers if anyone has done this I could use any advise as to the mudding and sanding.

Thank you in advance!Image


8 thoughts on “Modular Art Walls Are NOT for the Lighthearted DIY!”

  1. Hi! We are considering a wall of these in our home. Can you tell me how they have held up and how has cleaning been?

    1. The wall is sturdy as can be! On other side now. I recommend shaving off the “tabs”. They don’t seem to line up as well as they should. If we would have done this we would not have the gaps here and there that we do.
      It’s really worth it!
      Good luck!

  2. Wow! That is NICE! Okay, having read this, I know that I should never attempt it. Yeah, if you’ve never been to a sand dune, this would definitely look more like a ‘waves’.

  3. Gorrrrgus! Try amazon for LEDs. They are a bit less expensive. Also there are strings that you can poke through a board to make anything you want! Maybe solder or something. The other consideration is rope lighting framed in a case of some sort….you could even cover the “box” or shelf…with the dune stuff. Could be as little as a couple of inches deep???? Think outside the proverbial box and then stuff it with lights!!! Fun stuff though huh! Yes I am the one reeling John in! Just imagine!!!! Yikes. Lol

    1. Yep we already thought of a light box along the top. Found 2″ canisters still looking at the rope idea..sanding and filling for now but my dad just came and saved the day! I should have all the seams filled by tonight!

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