Why Do Weird Things Happen To ME, Like Cellulitis of The Nose?


So, about 5 days ago the bridge of my nose hurt when I touched it.  I thought maybe I had a deep pimple or something. 

Over the last 5 days it has become red and swollen and hurts like an SOB when I touch it.  It looks like someone punched me right in the nose.

I didn’t have any injury BUT I did have my teeth cleaned last week.  I’m pretty darn sure this is cellulitis.  I don’t have any sinus issues and it’s moving up my nose to my eyes.

SO, I call my Dr.’s office to make an appointment because this is NOTHING to mess around with.  Cellulitis is an infection, usually staph, that will eventually EAT YOUR FACE OFF, or wherever you happen to get it.

The receptionist said there weren’t any appointments and maybe I just had a pimple.  IDIOT… OK didn’t I say I was a nicer person in a post a few days ago?  I am not nice when I think something is going to eat my face off.

I called another Dr.’s office and I go in at 11:30.  The lady there new exactly what I was talking about.  WHEW!

My advice to anyone with this weird thing is to go to ANY Dr. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  I have seen this before many times.  My grandma had it while I was her caregiver and more than a few of my “bad guys” had it from needle sticks.  It appears suddenly but seems benign, just like me “Oh, I must have some deep pimple forming” then within days it takes over.

Wish me luck, it’s only 8:42.  I wish I could go NOW.

The funny thing is if this were anyone else I would say “Make an appointment today, it’ll be just fine.”  BUT, because it’s my nose all I can think of is this crap spreading to my brain… lol. OK not funny, because it can. 

I will get back to you all and let you know if my self diagnosis was correct.  I could be way off and it’s sinusitis, but I doubt it.

I don’t feel well either.  It’s about 65 degrees in my house and I’m so cold I have winter clothes on.  Not to be gross but my nostrils started to sting last night.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?  If so, what did they do? 

I’m a big baby when it comes to infections.  They scare the crap out of me.

Stay healthy everyone!

HA! I must be sick I typed “love you” LOL!

Then deleted it, then told you anyway. Em

5 thoughts on “Why Do Weird Things Happen To ME, Like Cellulitis of The Nose?”

  1. What was the diagnosis? I have had this for a few days and the pain has migrated from the ride side over the top and is now over to the left side. The right side feels almost normal now but the top and left are extremely sore. Please give your follow up. Thanks!

  2. So, what happened at the Drs? Not sure if you have a follow-up post. I was searching for this type of problem I started experiencing this a few days ago and am terrified because it does seem like my nose cartilage is infected or something. I have had bad sniffles for a while before this. It seems like if feels better on the side it started on but spreading to the other side, which is not good. I think I will call the Dr as well. I am not running a fever.

  3. Glad you are getting checked out…keep me posted PLEASE! Wierd stuff happens to me too. I am like a magnet for out of the ordinary ~ for those around me too. I do the same thing with me its like eh I can handle it and I can take it! Its all good and then off to the ER with a kidney that is about to disintegrate. About 2 years ago. Anyone else in my care would have been in days earlier….LOL. Breathe deep and think of all the wonderful things that could happen. There could be a really nice looking man there to help you out??? There could be someone there who is just dying to practice their home renovation skills out and your place would be a FUN thing to do??? Skys the limit! Love you and sending a little prayer now.

    1. I’ll let you know! Unfortunately unless this female Dr is REALLY hot, nothing good to look at..lol!! Maybe in the waiting room… Gawd I must be sick. I really started to feel like crap a while ago. Tired, and my nose has looked like I have a perpetual sunburn for a while now. I guess it just started to hurt now. Good thing, or I would have blamed it on a sunburn! Hugs.

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