My Diagnosis Was Correct.. DANG IT!


OK, I’m keeping this short because being upright is hard enough right now.

I was right.  Cellulitis.  I couldn’t BELIEVE it!  Now a ton of antibiotics, and hopefully they kick in and no trip to the ER.

The Dr was amazing.  She really was.  She is leaving the state and isn’t accepting patients, but she wanted to see me anyways because this is so serious.

Then she said to come back Monday and just “drop in” so I don’t have to pay a co-pay I can’t afford right now, so she can just look at my face.  She said “All I want to do is look at you.  If it looks better, then we did it, if not, you go to the hospital.”  I’ll take her up on it!

I don’t recommend self diagnosing at all, but it’s ok if you have an idea, then follow up with an actual Dr.  That was my disclaimer.

Have a healthy happy day all!


4 thoughts on “My Diagnosis Was Correct.. DANG IT!”

  1. I am very glad you went in! Think of it as a forced vacation or forced chillax weekend. Don’t get frustrated about what isn’t getting done but enjoy what you have in front of you. You have been pushing so hard for so long that this may be Gods way of giving you a well deserved break. I know it is serious but put that out of your mind and let the antibiotics and your body do their thing! In short…suck it up and enjoy the beautiful gift of relaxing while you heal. Love and prayers to you and I send blessings along with them. HUGSMOOCH!

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