I Hate Writing. I Just Got A Freelance Blogging Gig.

It’s really amazing how life can drag you where you don’t want to go.  Or where you never thought you’d be.

You never know where life may lead you.  Isn’t that a saying or something?  I quit fighting this theory several years ago.  Life has taken me places where I never thought I’d be, and life has dragged me, kicking and screaming, to places where I didn’t want to go.

I actually don’t like writing.  In fact, I hated it in high school and college.  I am a science and research nerd, at heart.  Give me a topic to research, and I will go to town and love every minute of it, including all the tangents I end up following for hours, and the tangents off of those tangents, and so on.  It’s the writing-up-the-research part that I dread.

I was sort of slow when it came to writing.  I have ADD, Inattentive Type, so I would get distracted quite frequently.  I, also, have OCD, which made it difficult for me to finish something if sentence structure or word usage bothered me.  I used a thesaurus constantly while I wrote – I still do.

This is how I am with writing emails.  It is sometimes a very painful process for me.

E-mails by Domic

It’s an animation YouTube video by Domic.  If you’ve never watched his videos, they are pretty funny, if you’re into that sort of humor.

Well, apparently, I’m not that slow anymore at writing.  From reading about freelance bloggers, for a 250 to 500 word post, it takes about an hour for the average blogger to write.  It took me about an hour, including research on a topic I knew nothing about, to write a 450 word post and sound like I knew what I was talking about.  Kinda.  I guess.  Here’s the post:

New FHA Guidelines:  Silver Lining For Those With Past Financial Hardship by Me

That’s not me in the photo, by the way.  That’s the realtor I’m contracting for.

Anyway, about this new job.  A friend mentioned to her friend that she thought she remembered that I blogged.  I laughed and cringed at this, since I didn’t really consider myself a “blogger.”  I had barely just started this blog with Em, and I mainly just post pics, with a little written content on Girly Grr.  This friend-of-a-friend is a realtor, and she wanted me to blog about topics related to… yes… realty.  I cringed even more.  What the hell do I know about realty, except we bought a house, signed some papers, and moved in?

So she let me write my first post about anything.  Of course, I wrote something for the “Green Living” category.

Clean Your Home Naturally – Using What’s In Your Cupboard by Me

I’m, also, writing content for her website, but none of it has been published yet.  Let me tell you, there’s only so much you can say about 3-car garage homes, and I had to write 600 words about it.  Well, okay, half of it I wrote about the city they’re in, but even 300 words is a bitch to write.

Don’t get me wrong.  I see this as a wonderful opportunity for me, as it was just dropped in my lap.  I will not pass this up.  I may not enjoy writing as much as I would have liked to dissect dead bodies or look at tissue and bodily fluids under a microscope, or even peruse a crime scene, but I’ll write if I get paid for it.

And it is interesting, I’ll admit.  I get to research – and research a lot.  Plus, I’m learning way more than I ever wanted about SEO.  I’ve learned that Em and I created this blog all kinds of fucked-up wrong.  I have, also, learned – finally! – what ranking is…

I still couldn’t give a fuck about your ranking if you act like an ass and harass my best friend.  At least now, I know why you hold it so dearly.

When I graduated from college, I felt more than relief, and then, as time passed, I started to feel really dumb.  I absolutely love learning.  I love researching.  The closest thing that came to it was researching homeschooling curricula when I pulled my kids out of public school.  My brain needs that engagement and challenge.  Who knew I’d find it in freelance blogging?  I didn’t even know you could blog for someone else and get paid for it.  I’d never even heard of freelance blogging before this.

So wish me luck.  This blog will probably be going through a facelift over the next several months.  I will, also, have to commit to writing here at least once a week.  Exciting and uncertain times ahead.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even secretly love to write.  I think I am enjoying it already.  (Shhh!!!)  We’ll see how this goes, especially having my rambunctious toddler running around.  She just learned how to do sommersaults.

15 thoughts on “I Hate Writing. I Just Got A Freelance Blogging Gig.”

  1. I am so excited for you Girl! Of course things fall into place when you don’t fight them. The Law of Allowing works every time. I love you sweet lady and it couldn’t have happened to a better geek! I feel very comfortable calling you that because I too am a certified nerd/geek and LOVE to learn! You go Girl. Email me and let me know how much something like this pays and where I might go to give it a try. (I love to write too so I am a SERIOUSLY committed nerd!)

    1. I definitely will! This happened to just fall in my lap, but I’ve been doing a lot a research. I had no idea this was such a big thing. If you want to do it, the work is out there. I’ll email you links to the websites I’ve been reading. 🙂

  2. I freelance about real estate for a local condominium mag. It’s a good gig, but not very regular. If you hear of anything else like this opening up (I don’t want to take YOUR job!), and you don’t want it yourself, let me know! I could use some spare change . . .

    1. Oh, wow. I may just start bugging you with freelance questions! 🙂

      Awesome. I will definitely keep you in mind. I’m just starting out extremely slow, as I don’t want to overwhelm myself or take away time from my kids. I’m still homeschooling and running around after my toddler!

      1. Wow. Good for you. And yes–kids are the priority. I don’t want to go too crazy, either, because I’m working full time and studying full time and haven’t exactly been married THAT long. But the studying full time thing (and the fact that my stepdaughter just started college) is what’s triggering the need for cash! 🙂

        1. Yup, yup! I know exactly what you mean! Going to school does suck up a lot of your income, but it’s really worth it. Well, I guess it depends on what you want to do. I have a B.S. in Applied Biological Sciences and wanted to be a forensic scientist, but… lol… that didn’t work out. You never know where life will lead you. Good luck with your schooling! 🙂

          Oh, hey. Do you have an online resume or links to your work? If I get work thrown my way and it’s too much, I’ll pass your info to them, if you want. The girl I’m working for, and this other girl I may start working for, have people lined up I guess after seeing my initial work!

          1. I wrote for these guys: http://www.newenglandcondo.com/ monthly for a number of years. It sort of petered out in 2011 when they were restructuring or something, and I was dating my now-husband. I just wrote something else for them last month for the first time since then, which should go to “print” in November or December. I can email you a resume, if you let me know where to send it. You can contact me at jenn@thatsajennstory.com. Thanks!

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