aelris blogging, freelance blogger

Watch Me Fail At Freelance Blogging. It Should Be Entertaining.

aelris blogging, freelance blogger

So off I go into the world of freelance blogging.  I already feel completely overwhelmed and panicky.  Hooray for anxiety disorder and stomach aches.

Then I have my ADD-induced terrible self-esteem kicking in, doubting myself and setting myself up for failure.


There is so much to learn and so much stuff out there to read, I just don’t know where to start.

I know a few of you have voiced your interest in my journey and what I find out, so I thought I’d share on here, step by painful step.

I, also, caved in and started up a Facebook account.  I’ll be posting helpful articles and awesome websites I find that contain a wealth of info on freelance blogging and marketing your content.  If you’d like to follow me, I’m Aelris Blogging on Facebook.  I did set up a business page but am still working on it.  I did set up a Twitter account but still have to connect it to my unfinished biz page.  I did set up a website but have not finished it yet.  Lots to do still.

So why am I pursuing this endeavor?  I think I may like to write.  I think this freelancing thing may be for me.

I have ADD, minus the hyperactivity.  This means I get bored very easily.  It, also, means I have a habit of hyper-focusing on new projects and run full force.

I have always had trouble keeping jobs.  Not because I’d get fired, but because I’d quit.  I would work my ass off, always in a positive mood, and I was like a whirlwind, improving the department and reorganizing things.  I’d get promoted to management in a short amount of time.  Then I’d get bored and lose interest.  I’d look for any excuse to quit, to justify it to myself that I needed to quit.

Once there was nothing more to learn or be challenged by, in my eyes, I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore.

I was the same way in college.  It took me friggin’ F O R E V E R to finish.  It took me about nine years to finish my bachelor’s.  Any class that had nothing to do with science was especially painful for me to trudge through.  Well, that and I was taking a ridiculous amount of chemistry and biochemistry classes for fun, before I figured out what degree I wanted to finish.

This is why I initially wanted to pursue a career in forensic science.  My dream job would have been to work in a police forensics lab, or even be a crime scene tech.  I felt that I would be challenged in this field, and I would continually be learning something new.  No, I have never watched CSI.  I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked that stupid question.

I, also, considered working in any lab to be a lab hermit, so I would only deal with a minimal amount of people.  I don’t do well with people, in general, believe it or not.

I need to be challenged, and I need constant change, so I don’t get bored.  I need to learn new things all the time.  I don’t work well with having a boss or working with the public.  Plus, I hate leaving my house.

This is why I think I really need to give this freelancing thing a shot.  Where else would my badass researching skills come in handy?

Then there is the income advantage.  How does $100 or more (minimum, maybe $50) a post sound to you?

Fuck, yeah, that sounds awesome to me.  Even if someone is just starting out as a freelance blogger, this income is completely possible and will only get better.  I was floored when I found this out.

There is still a lot for me to learn, but you don’t need much to just start submitting your work – maybe balls, which I don’t have yet.  I’m getting there, though.

If you’ve heard of freelance blogging and were always curious, or even if you’ve never heard of it before and I’ve piqued your interest, I welcome you to come along on this adventure with me.  I urge you, in fact.  It’d be nice not to have to do this alone.

So find me on Facebook and say hello.

Here’s some reading to get you started, too:  Be A Freelance Blogger.

When I first started researching freelance blogging a few weeks ago, I kept coming back to this website’s articles.  They are fun to read and extremely informative – and encouraging! – for those of us just starting out.

So what do you say?  Want to jump into the flames with me?

2 thoughts on “Watch Me Fail At Freelance Blogging. It Should Be Entertaining.”

  1. Hey ~ What the hell is this with “Watch me fail???” This is a cheesy way for you to get me to meet and visit you just to kick tail!!! You rock and this thing looks to be a great avenue to stroll down. Walk the path for as long as it serves your purpose and then turn off. That old song is right. Life is a highway. Time to run as far and hard as you want and plenty of exits to rest or change the scenery. Your life, your highway!

    1. lol Oh, man. Those lyrics fit my life perfectly.

      I just meant with my ADD, we’ll see if I actually follow through with this or let it dwindle. I’m seeing it as a sign, a path I need to follow for now. I’m curious to see where it will lead me next. 🙂

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