Our Blog Will Look A Bit Off For Awhile

I’m going to be playing with the theme options for a bit and possibly changing our WordPress theme.

So when our blog looks all kinds of wrong, and it will, that’s why.

While on my freelance blogging journey, I’ve also been reading a bunch of articles on website presentation and how to make your blog more pleasing and readable.  Our stuff is kind of all over the place.  🙂

So, please, bear with us.

I would even love some critiques and advice.

I’ve also got some great post ideas on the way.  I know I’ve been lagging lately.


I’ve started gardening again!  I’m so happy.  I’ll be posting about the Lasagna Gardening method I’ve been reading about and implementing.  I’ll post step-by-step pictures, too!

I also really want to start focusing on writing about homeschooling.  Most of you are unaware, but our homeschooling is not religion-based.  I do not use religion when I teach science.

It’s not that I am anti-religion.  I have my own beliefs, but I keep those separate from most of our schooling.

A little background:  I was baptized Catholic, but my dad is Atheist and my mom is Catholic.  Yes, they are still happily married, and I look up to them and the marriage they share.

I have yet to meet another homeschooling family that is like us, but I know others are out there and probably feeling like the odd ones out, just like us.

I want to write some posts about how to find non-religious homeschooling curriculum.

I haven’t been able to make any jewelry lately, since my toddler no longer takes naps.  No new jewelry posts.

So future posts will focus on recipes, gardening, freelance blogging, homeschooling, and whatever else Em comes up with.  I’ve been poking and prodding her to write something… anything!

Thanks to those of you who have managed to stick with us through our inconsistent nature and “contradictory tendencies.”  🙂

Comments? Questions? Personal Story?

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