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If you haven’t been to my new Facebook page yet, or lately, you probably haven’t noticed that I changed my page name.

My jewelry has gone through a lot of changes over the years, as I’ve dabbled and experimented to find my niche. Life really does lead us down some interesting roads to places we never imagined we’d *ever* end up.

I’m currently taking a class on starting my own online business. I want to get it right this time and not go half-assed, barely-more-than-a-hobby.

My first step is changing the name of my jewelry line:

Anaïs Áine Jewelry.

IMG_3841 (2)

Next step, working on a website. This class truly is a step-by-baby-step process.

I was originally going to create a business based on homeschooling and helping other parents make the transition.

I was really excited about it in the beginning, and then my ADD started to kick in. Yeah, I got…

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