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Need Help With A Name, Please!

IMG_2097I usually don’t have too much trouble coming up with names for things.  For the first time in awhile, I need help with a name.

I am terrible about setting goals.  I make a list then lose it.  I try to remember it then get distracted and forget about it.  But this goal I have had in my head for some years now, and I am hoping it will come to fruition this summer.

I plan to open a new Etsy store for my embroidery projects.  I am still debating whether to keep my original store, abby & grr, open to sell my “Destash” beads and continue to sell jewelry.  Or should I consolidate everything into my new store?

Regardless of what I decide, I need a name first.  I really thought I had the name picked out, but now I am having second thoughts and other names are popping into my head.

The original name I thought of was Wren’s Thicket.  I even started sketching a sort-of logo to embroider.


Now I’m thinking The Blueberry Thicket or something to do with the word Brambles.  I just don’t know.  I would really appreciate some advice here.

IMG_2101These are pictures of the very first piece I embroidered right after I learned how to embroider from a friend.  It was a pillow for my daughter and, as you can see, it’s rather worn.  I probably made this about 7 years ago.

IMG_2100The stuff I’ll be embroidering will mostly have themes such as faeries, woodsy plants, and forest creatures.  I’ll also be incorporating my jewelry into my embroidery pieces, using techniques such as ribbon embroidery and stumpwork with “found objects.”

So, dear readers, any advice?