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Who’s BRAD?

I’m a stay at home mom.  I’m a wife and mother, and I do what all stay at home mom’s do.  We go shopping, we take care of the kids, the house, all package deliveries, car issues, garbage day, and other things where we come into contact with people on a daily basis.

One day, I’m talking to my husband about an issue with our sewer system.  The city utility department had come out and sucked everything out of a drain  or something and after they were done I didn’t have any water in all three of our toilets.  There was a really bad smell from gasses escaping. 

I said, “I was talking with Brad, from the city..”, my husband cuts me off RIGHT THERE..”Who is BRAD, and why do you know his name?”  I sigh, and look at him, wondering how he breathes on his own, and said “It was on his NAME TAG”.  So I proceeded to tell him that BRAD had let me know that next time they do whatever it is they were doing, they wouldn’t suck out so much..stuff.

I asked my husband why it bothered him. He said, he didn’t understand how I knew the names of my grocery checkers, my deli lady and my quickie mart guy where I get my coffee EVERY morning for two years.  He said he has no clue what the names of people are, and why do I know?

I had to explain that as the household contact while he is at work all day, one comes to know there neighbors and the people they come into contact with daily or weekly.  I read the name tags.  He just couldn’t get it.

These are the people who help me take care of my family on a daily basis.  Teachers, mailmen, garbagemen (or women) don’t forget my cop friends I used to work with when I was a detective.  HHMMM could it be the detective in me?  Who knows, I just know I know their names and they matter.

Yeah, I had Brad ran..he’s clean. JUST KIDDING!! 

I had them run someone just never know..can’t be too safe..KIDDING!