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I Finally Did It… Sort Of. I Washed My Hair With Water For A Month.


It sort of happened not intentionally.  When we moved, the containers that held our ACV (apple cider vinegar) and water mixture were left behind because they didn’t have tops to them.  And when we got here, we realized that we were out of ACV.

When we first moved here, I was completely unfamiliar with the area, and all I saw was farmland.  I thought, “Holy Crap, everything really is really far away.”  I didn’t leave the house because there was so much unpacking, and my husband had to use my car to go to work, so I was left with the diesel truck.  My car gets good gas mileage, and he has an hour drive to work.  And we try not to drive the truck because diesel is so expensive now.

Anyway, I didn’t leave the house for awhile.  When I asked my daughter what she was using to wash her hair, she said, “Nothing.  Just water.”  I was stunned, “Really???”

Her hair didn’t look gross or clumpy, like my first attempt last December with washing only with water.  But I wasn’t brushing my hair back then either.  I hadn’t brushed my hair in years; I just ran my hands through it.  Since I really wanted to water-only wash, I started brushing my hair in January.

Yeah, brushing your hair is the key to getting water-only washing to work.  That and gradually dwindling your use of ACV/ water mixture.

Currently, I alternate: wash with water, then next shower wash with ACV/ water mixture.  My hair wasn’t ready for full water-only washing.

The only way to describe the feel and texture of my hair is it felt like “beach hair.”  You know when you go to the beach, and then after awhile your hair feels… not greasy… just… I don’t know.  Like “beach hair.”  It started feeling too “beachy” for me after about a month, so I did an ACV/ water rinse and it felt much better.

I don’t even scrub my scalp anymore.  I brush with a boar’s hair brush, then with a “wet brush” before I get in the shower.  Our ACV/ water mixture is 1/3 ACV and 2/3 distilled water.  I pour this into a cup (about a quarter of the way) and fill the rest of the way with water.  Then I saturate my hair with water and slowly pour the mixture over my head.  I brush it through with the wet brush and let it sit for a few minutes while I wash the rest of my body.  Finally, I rinse it out.

My hair feels super, super soft.  I’m working my way toward water-only washing, and I’m getting closer, but it’s not going to happen quite yet.

Have you tried washing your hair with only water?  What was your experience and have you been successful?  Any tips?