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I’m On My Own..Pray For Me Everyone!..lol

Well, MJ is moving, and Tuesdays are supposed to be recipes.


MJ totally keeps me in line with our blog..I need that from time to time, well on a daily basis..hence the ADD.  I wonder sometimes about her ADD, I guess the OCD mixed in keeps her organized to some fashion.  I never wished to have OCD in any way, but a tad would be fine..maybe.  I mean of course I COULD just get my sh!$ together..too easy.   Just kidding.  If it were easy I would’ve done it LONG ago, and most likely wouldn’t be who I am, and that’s ok with me.

The main reason I can’t think of a recipe is that wonderful people have been donating food every Tuesday and Thursday for my family at my sister’s house.  While my brother in law is receiving TWO stem cell transplants, I am living here and taking care of  the household.

It has been wonderful and difficult.  I used to joke about only having one kid, so I didn’t know what the heck I was doing half the time, but now with my 14 yr old, my 11 yr old nephew, 20 yr old niece and 18 yr old nephew, I think I figured a few things out. Only a few, but hey it’s a start.  I only hope that I am doing what they need and Mike gets better because he doesn’t have to worry about his family and home.  He misses them like crazy, my sister too.  But missing and worrying are two different things.

Oh yeah, and 3 dogs.  My dog is like the 2 year old that needs to go to Grandma’s for the weekend.  REALLY.  I love animals, but she is a handful.  I just want to SQUEEEEZE HER SO TIGHT!..joking!..kinda.

My favorite recipe so far is the bacon Alfredo from my nephew’s lacrosse coach.  Yes, I said lacrosse..in WA.  We have it here too.  No I didn’t know.  They gave him a scholarship to play and the coach and EVERYONE on the team down to all of the boys have been angels.  His coach is a cop, so I get to talk “cop talk” with him once in a while.  It’s nice and takes my mind off of other stuff.

We had Chinese food, lasagna, casseroles to DIE for and tons of gift cards so I can go get groceries and other much needed household items.  We also received movie passes so we could spend time together as a family.  Another family is ordering frozen meat for us from where they work.  I know the company and I’m really excited for the delivery!  I will definitely have some recipes after that!Image The UFO’s cloaking device is working better today..

This is my life right now.  Not making much jewelry wise, but I made a pretty cool pair of earrings last night.  Sometimes things just come to me..then they go on their merry little way..dang it.

So, sorry for no recipe.

My Mt. is back!  I forgot to turn the flash off while snapping my latest shot and now it looks like the aliens are shooting a laser..don’t worry, it’s set on “stun”.

I hope I don’t disappoint you with anything.  MJ is always all over the recipes.  If I think of something I’ll post it.


Take Care All!