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Another “Heart Attack” recipe from my Great Grandma

fried chicken fat

I know today isn’t recipe day, but if I post anything else it’ll just be a bunch of swear words.

When I was little my Great Grandma, Johanna would make fried chicken fat.  Yes, fat.  They were like popcorn.  Small delicious bites of brown salty goodness.

You could probably eat this ONCE and live.

She called them.. well I can’t find the name but sounds like “greev-luhs”. I guess there is a version called Schmaltz, but that’s NOT what she said.

She used lard or bacon grease to deep fry them.  I had to use grape seed oil because that’s all that I had.  I made these for my daughter ONCE just to show her one of my great memories from childhood.

I just cut the fat off of regular chicken thighs for this.

Heat about 1/2″ of lard or oil or whatever you want to use, hot enough to deep fry quickly.  If it’s not hot enough the fat (believe it or not) will soak up the grease and they won’t be crispy.

Cut the chicken fat into small pieces, like 1/4″

Carefully put the pieces in the oil and let fry until golden brown.

Remove with a slotted spoon onto paper towels.  Salt while there is still some grease on them so the salt sticks.. YES SALT!

When they have drained put into a bowl and enjoy.

Then go run a couple of miles 😉